how do i stop my dog from fence fighting?


hey i have two pit bull and my neighbor has two pit bull too. the day i moved here they been fence fighting every time i put them out in the back yard. i put a rocks and board to block it off. now there are trying to break the fence done.i need help. do i need to build a brick wall or what. HELP!!!!

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5 Responses to “how do i stop my dog from fence fighting?”

  1. Bonnie L says:

    Simple, you train him. Or, you could always put up a strand of electric fence. Simple – problem solved.

  2. teacherlady says:

    All of the dogs need discipline. Right now all of the dogs are trying to establish dominance and territory. They all think it is their space. You have to teach your dog to coexist with other dogs.

  3. Shannon says:

    Your best option is to have the dogs meet each other face to face in a neutral controlled environment. Meet at a park while all dogs are on leashes, each controlled by a person strong enough to separate them if a fight occurs. If they know each other they are less likely to fence fight.

  4. M to the R Mighty RA says:

    Your dog needs some discipline, that’s all

  5. catherine says:

    You can do some training, but if the other dogs start it, your dogs may react anyway.

    Do this with one dog at a time. Walk them outside on a leash. Once they bark at the neighbor dog, walk them inside and let them calm down. Every time they react, they will go inside the house. If they want to go out back, they will have to learn impulse control. You may have to take 10+ trips in and out side, but once they understand not to bark, you can start working with the other one.

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