How do I prevent my dog from jumping the fence?


Our 10 month old neutered male Jack Russell Terrier recently discovered he can easily scale our 6ft fence. He does it almost everytime he goes out in the yard now, and runs wild in the neighborhood until we finally catch him. I’m worried for his safety.

Any ideas on how to prevent fence jumping??

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10 Responses to “How do I prevent my dog from jumping the fence?”

  1. Bett says:

    Physcally block him & then phycologically block him.

    So to physically block him make your fence slightly higher. Hay when life give you lemons, or in this case a hyper dog you gotta put up with the expenses.

    To Phycologically block him you need to remove the urge for him to run away.
    Like sharks at the aquriam they remove the urge for the sharks to eat all the fish by feeding the sharks so much to remove that urge.
    So with the dog you need to remove the urge to roam, Neutering is the number 1 way to do that, excercising is the next best thing, jack russels are naturally high energy so this could mean a 1 hour walk or jog, if you have treadmill this will help burn all that energy, & get a doggy back pack & put weights like bottle water in the pouches this will turn a 30 min walk into like a 1 hour walk.

    Good luck!

  2. PDBHDK says:

    I am absolutely not surprised by this question. I know of a Jack Russell who succeeds in climbing onto the roof. You need to find a dog trainer to help you with this. The dog needs to learn some self control. Also, 95% of the problems that people have with dogs is because they are not physically and mentally stimulating the dog, and the dog is trying to tell you this. You need to take the dog for walks, find an agility center, or even get 3-4 tunnels, (the ones kids can crawl through), set them up in the back yard like a little obstacle course. Have a toy to show the dog, and hide the toy at the end of the little maze. Encourage the dog to go through the tunnels to see if he can find the toy. That little activity would allow the dog to use it’s natural instincts.
    Also, you’re dog is only 10 months old. You need to get this dog into obedience training immediately. Jack Russells are very smart, and it’s like they have springs instead of paws. "Eddie" from "Frasier" is a good example of a well trained Jack Russell. They need consistent training.

  3. Alex says:

    you should try putting a fence for gardening around the top.


  4. Adam says:



    different type of fence

  5. Dog Section Regular says:

    Well, it’s simple really.

    Don’t leave the dog outside unattended.

    Heighten the fence.

    Crate the dog when you cannot supervise.

  6. jakobadams21 says:

    Beat the s h i t out of it next time it does it again. Thats what we did and they just stay content inside the fence.

  7. Amber C says:

    You can get an electric fence and run the wire at the top of the fence. You can get the charger for less than $40. The only time he’d get shocked is when he gets to the top. It will only take once maybe twice and he will never do it again. And if you feel it’s inhumane trust me,it’s better than him becoming road kill. Jack Russells are notorious for escaping.

  8. •Poppy• says:

    Don’t leave him outdoors unattended.

    You can also top the fence with something that tips into the yard, so that he cannot get over.

  9. ladystang says:

    training and supervision

  10. confirmed says:

    HOT-WIRE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Preferable to bringing it home in a garbage bag,eh?.

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