How do I keep my dogs from chewing up (or digging under) my wood panel fence?


I have a real back-yard engineering challenge. I’ve got two dogs that regularly visit my back yard. My neighbor has two new puppies. Separating them is a wood panel fence, consisting of posts set about ten feet apart, with several fence slats which look like this: nailed side by side on the crossbeams which connect the fence posts.

Needless to say, both sets of canines are eager to get to the other side of the fence. One of my dogs is a digger, determined to go under the fence. The other dog is a chewer, determined to go through the fence by chewing up the bottoms of the fence slats. I’ve had some success by digging a trench next to the fence, staple-gunning some welded-wire fencing to the wooden slats, so that the wire fencing is about a foot beneath the surface, and then filling in the trench.

The trouble is, once I’ve put up one five foot section of fence, the dogs (on both sides) just move down the fence. What I’m looking for is some other way to fix the problem than a costly (and time-consuming to build) physical barrier.

Any ideas?

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    One Response to “How do I keep my dogs from chewing up (or digging under) my wood panel fence?”

    1. J P says:

      Either spray the fence with something the dogs think tastes horrible (pepper wax, available at most garden centers would probably work to keep them from chewing.) or put up a small, single strand electric fence on both sides at just the right height and distance from your fence to discourage them from chewing and digging.

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