How do I Keep my Dog from Jumping Over a 6 ft high Wooden Fence?

We have a chocolate lab who loves to be outside.  The backyard fence is a wooden privacy fence that is six feet tall.  Our problem is that our dog is great at getting out of the yard.  I’ve watched her and she takes a run at and jumps over or runs at and climbs over the fence.  I need to find a way to prevent my dog from climbing the privacy fence.

I’m considering installing an invisible fence or perhaps an electric wire around the top.  I heard there is some sort of rollers you can install on the top that prevents the dog from gaining a firm grip.  We don’t want to chain her up because that takes away from her freedom of not being tied up. We keep her in the house while we’re at work, but that causes messes that need to be cleaned up.

Any solution that will allow our dog to play safely in the backyard and prevent her escape would be great.

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28 Responses to “How do I Keep my Dog from Jumping Over a 6 ft high Wooden Fence?”

  1. Pet Stop Of Charleston S.C. says:

    Visit It can solve your problem

  2. amanda l says:

    they make a top for a chain link fence. usually they put razor wire on it that bends toward the outside, like a security fence. you could have it turned around where it is bend toward the inside and replace the razor wire with chain link or something that would not harm the could see if it could be attached to a wooden fence. it would keep the dog from climbing or jumping the fence. a friend of mine had a dog that could climb the fence so she had to put a top along the fence.

  3. Danika says:

    I had the same problem lol.

    You can get electric fence wires and things and put it all around the yard. We used two rows that way he wouldn’t jump or crawl underneath to get out. (if there was a way to get out.. he found it!) I’ve never touched the fence myself.. but my boyfriend has. He said it isn’t that bad.. it isn’t a cattle one (stay away from those!).

  4. chihuahua mama says:

    You really have an athletic dog if she can jumo a 6′ fence. Check the fence to make sure she hasn’t dug a hole under it somewhere.

  5. funkymunky says:

    Well Get A Higher Fence

  6. Amy says:

    Put chicken wire on top of the wooden fence. You may need to put some wooden boards up higher to keep it from falling down. (edit: he took my answer! ^^)
    Also, move anything away that might be helping him get over. (a dog house, woodpile, etc)

  7. trevor k says:

    you can try spraying the fence down and throw some chili powder on it or plant lemon grass right by the fence and that should stop him that and or take chicken wire and put it all along and across the fence going up and he cant climb it without getting stuck and he cant cause it would raise the height he has to jump.

  8. Bugga says:

    Build a taller fence……. no i am kidding. Plant some bushes in front of the fence so she cant get far enough to jump over. Are there dogs on the other side of the fence, is she fixed? That could pose a problem because she might want to mate!!!!!

  9. molly says:

    Get a higher fence. Or get those littel fags that are red (or white) and it shocks them whenever they pass the little flags. and you could put the little shocking flags next to the fence.

  10. Redneckwoman6578 says:

    Higher fence or put her on a dog run.

  11. sea.blonde says:

    Okay, this comes from a dog owner with a mishievious little one that digs her way under everything!!!
    Put up an electric fence around the area she goes for. Once the dog realizes that it gets a shock when going for it, it will stop. Or get a shock collar. You have to make it realize, when I jump the fence..bad things happen to me.
    Actually after the electic fence was on for a few months, it got turned off, but the little dog never tried it again..(still thinking it was a bad thing!)

  12. Alyssa L says:

    Keep things from the fense that could be helping her up and over the fence or just get a wired fencing just for her to roam around in that takes up part or most of the yard.

    PS. my cousin allen says hi…. lmao (dont ask)

  13. Sharon Pet says:

    There are regualtions for some places- 6 ft is the highest. Get your pet neutered- it is the top reason for jumping over fences. Or your dog may need lots of exercise. A lot of spitz types need lots of exercise, otherwise they dig or jump over fences

  14. Shelli says:

    o thats easy!!
    just make the fence seven feet!! lol
    it might work!

  15. mike1942f says:

    Go out on a long leash and if he goes for the fence, pull him back and tell him "no" sharply. If he won’t try for the fence when you are there, then you are going to have to leash him. "Freedom is a relative thing"

  16. crewchief1949 says:

    Put in an invisible fence. after a while she will get the message in stop even attempting to go near the fence.

  17. hollywood says:

    wow pretty athletic dog…. my dog did the same thing… cant really do anyhting… i had to put tall trees in front of the fence..

  18. nigel v says:

    your dog needs training.

    without it he/she will always find trouble to get into.

  19. JustMe.X.x says:

    Well Erm Sounds Abit Nutty Loll.
    Train Her/Him.
    Maybe Get A Bigger Fence
    Or Maybee Take Her Out For Walks And Let Her In Your Other Garden.?

  20. bonbon j says:

    you can give him a bone

  21. Sandman says:

    Electric fence. Like North Korea. Learn from Kim Jong Il

  22. emily s says:

    shock collar
    i have two dogs and they both have one and it works great they dont hurt them its just like a static shock and when there getting too close it beeps and warns the dogs

  23. dmb says:

    7 ft fence
    8 ft fence
    9 ft fence
    10 ft fence

  24. Matt says:

    well get a higher fence I guess.

  25. ♥I dunno♥ says:

    dang ur dog can jump..high, get a highr fence or just i dunno, but i wouldnt wanna live in ur neighborhood if dat dog was jumpin out at me

  26. Sizzle says:

    make it HIGHER lol

  27. Gilbert says:

    add another foot, duhhhhh

  28. walkinglady says:

    Well, if she’s not reliably house trained, your only other viable option is to crate her when you’re at work. And I agree, chaining a dog is never a good idea.

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