How do I keep my dog from jumping over a 6 ft high wooden fence?


The fbackyard fence is wooden privacy fence that the dog either takes a run at and jumps over or runs at and climbs over and we don’t want to chain her up because that takes away from her freedom of not being tied up. We keep her in the house while we’re at work., but that causes messes to be cleaned up

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    7 Responses to “How do I keep my dog from jumping over a 6 ft high wooden fence?”

    1. ladystang says:

      training, exercise and supervision
      could put electric fence to shock inside fence to keep away from it

    2. J Alves says:

      Your dog is bored and needs more exercise…minimum of a 40 min walk a day. Obedience training will help also.

      That said, this is an ingrained habit so you will have to make some changes to the fence to make escape much less appealing. I would suggest running an electric fence along the top of the fence that projects at least 1 foot inside the top of the fence line. I would also get a couple rolls of chicken wire (4 ft) and run a double layer flat on the ground where she takes off to jump. Read the link below for more ideas.

      You should also begin to crate train her when you are home in the room with her. It takes about a month to do it right–thereafter you can leave her safe and content in the crate if you need to. Crates should only be used inside a shelter (preferably a house) that is well ventilated and does not get too hot –closed garages and sheds can be dangerous (dogs will overheat in sun or get too cold in wind, rain, and cold).

      good luck with your dog

    3. Jeancommunicates says:

      You must either put a top on the fence, build a kennel cage run about with top or chain your dog. A dog that will climb a fence to get out will find many ways to the outside including digging. A dog run about or fenced run is usually concrete floor with drainage covered on sides and top with a chain link fence. A water hose easily keeps the concrete clean.

      Best thing to do is make a house dog and get it potty trained to where when it goes outside and it is on a leash or chain for a given period of time.

    4. Christopher S says:

      Meldela has the right idea. Get the angled in metal pieces you see on a chain link fence. Instead of razor wire or barbed wire, just mount tension wire (kinda like barbed wire without the barbs) or woven wire fence (similar the chain link but less expensive). This would keep the dog from climbing over the wall without hurting it. You could also run a low powered electric fence wire around the top. It would be easier and cheaper and not alter the look of your fence as much, but it would pop your dog and if not strong enough, may not deter her. If you use electric make certain you tell whoever you get it from it is for a dog so you know how to set it without injuring your dog.

    5. Rachiee Black says:

      Get an electric fence.

    6. Bythethroat says:

      CRATE indoors.
      Run a HOT-WIRE on the fence !!!

    7. madalena geans says:

      they make a top for a chain link fence. usually they put razor wire on it that bends toward the outside, like a security fence. you could have it turned around where it is bend toward the inside and replace the razor wire with chain link or something that would not harm the could see if it could be attached to a wooden fence. it would keep the dog from climbing or jumping the fence. a friend of mine had a dog that could climb the fence so she had to put a top along the fence.

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