How do I keep my dog from jumping a fence without electricity?


he is an 8 month old Great pyrenesse

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12 Responses to “How do I keep my dog from jumping a fence without electricity?”

  1. Demon Doll says:

    First off, I love that breed of dog. Please give him a huge hug and a treat for me.

    I think you may have to build a higher fence!

  2. emily m says:

    get a bigger fence. duh.

  3. Taai Taai says:

    That is a big dog and you need a really tall fence. I have 5 ft fence but my boxer could still get out until someone gave me this tip – loosely tie ribbons (or similar) between the fence posts, above the line of the fence. It gives a dog illusion of a movement and some dogs will not jump over moving objects. But your dog is still a pup so who knows???

  4. Alexxxxxx says:

    put trellis over your fence

  5. kgreives says:

    Build a taller fence, or use a ground steak and cable. Good Luck KG

  6. enord says:

    hay on ground before fence?= loose footing 4 jump.

  7. howdy says:

    Well you can just build a tallier fence or tie him up while your not watching him.

  8. David W says:

    In high school I had a friend whos dog would always jump the fence, small dog. They tied a 5 pound weight to her collar. We came home one day and she was hanging from the fence. Weight on one side her on the other.

    You can buy a lead that goes from tree to tree or a stake that goes in the ground and a lead attaches to

  9. N T says:

    Y are you asking people hat could potentialy be sexual offenders?

  10. carpetbear1206 says:

    leash your dog and train it

  11. chetco says:

    We had a Great Pyrenees that could jump a 6 foot fence when he was only 6 months old..went right over 2 fences to whip a coyote!

    However, when we bought him, the trainer told us to walk the perimeter with him, on leash, over and over, so he would know his boundary and not to cross it..He called it imprinting the boundaries..
    He said that GPs will honor this, and ours certainly did..But, I wouldn’t know if it would work for all..

    • Chetco,
      Walk the perimeter on the inside or the outside of the fence? I would like to try this. I just got another great dane to breed with my female today and I have a 7 foot fence. My new male has figured out how to climb UP the fence. I am afraid that if I increase the height of the fence he will just climb higher. Any suggestions?

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