How do I keep my dog from digging holes under our fence?


Don’t know what to do, this morning he went under the fence to our neighbors house, how do we keep him from digging?

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9 Responses to “How do I keep my dog from digging holes under our fence?”

  1. Shawn G says:

    First of all be careful with the pepper thing. If it gets into their eyes they will scratch the eyes to get it out and can do serious harm to themselves. You can try slicing lemons or limes and putting them where the dog is digging. Most dogs do not like citrus. You can also get chicken wire and bury it close to the top of the soil. Or you can use balloons but you have to be careful with this too. Blow up the balloon and put it in the hole cover lightly with dirt when they dig they will pop the balloon and it will startle the dog, You an also find a place that you will allow your dog to dig and bury something fun for the dog there. treats or a bone or a toy. If your dog doesn’t like water you can fill the hole with water.

    More exercise would help too.

  2. bluebonnetgranny says:

    dig a trench all along the fence line that is two foot wide & 5 to 8 inches deep. Get some chicken wire & lay it out in the trench. It should just fit if you got the two food wide role. Attache the chicken wire to the existing fence every 8 to 12 inches & throw the dirt back on top of the chicken wire. He won’t dig out again.

    I did this on my half acre, & the wolf rescues do the same thing to keep their animals in.

  3. GllntKnight says:

    Use invisible or bury your existing fence three feet down. What kind of dog?

  4. Lacie O says:

    line it with cinder blocks…that’s what i done or you can dig around the perimeter and put fencing under the dirt cover it up and the dog wont be able to dig through the fence. Or you could take more fencing and get some u shaped stakes and hammer them into the ground. That’s what my neighbor done when her bird dogs got loose.

  5. staathommom says:

    1. Play with him more. He’s bored. 2. Barbed wire. Run a row of barbed wire on the bottom of the fence. He will only try to dig once before he realizes that it’s sharp. It won’t hurt him. I had to put it around my rose garden.

  6. Kshaw5 says:

    i lined the fence with large rocks. and chunks of wood. But you may need to watch your dog more closely and discipline the digging directly.

  7. CHUCK says:

    sprinkel some dog repilent around the fence it keep my dogs out of a flower bed

  8. TexasCowgirl0131 says:

    cayenne pepper is your best thing. springle this all over around your fence and use alot this is so strong once they take on wiff of it they will not go next to it again, It was worked on my boxer and american pit bull.

  9. Snails_fly_tonight says:

    put a little barbwire under the spot he digs, dogs usually dig in similar places he will get hurt if he tries to dig, but it can often be more effective, my dog was actually killed b/c he escaped my fence and ran into the road, so i was careful to teach my next dog not to dig and he never does.

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