How do I keep my dog from digging at the neighbors privacy fence?


We have our dogs in the back yard and the neighbors all have dogs in their yards. We believe the neighbors dog is in heat.

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6 Responses to “How do I keep my dog from digging at the neighbors privacy fence?”

  1. ash says:

    do not chain your dog or any other simular things its bloody cruel! the dog shouldnt be locked up in his own yard and if anyones dog is then they shouldnt have a dog! the dog just needs to know whos boss! smack him everytime he does it squirt lime where he is digging, a fair bit so it stops him, this does work ive done it due to advice from a pet professional. but you need to smack the dog to when smacking a dog you dont want to hurt him so he bruises or breaks bones u want to sting him tho, and sting him good

  2. Onyx Ninja says:

    Get some chicken or kennel wire and bury it along the fence, when the dog digs and hits this, they don’t like the feel on their paws (plus it has an added bonus of acting as a barrier).

    You could also get an "invisible fence" and run it along the border of your property. It won’t allow the dog to get too close to the fence. However, DO read & follow the directions closely if you decide to go this route.

    The poop trick another member mentioned does work, however I have found that most dogs will simply dig around it.

  3. none says:

    a. keep your dog inside

    b. kennel your dog

    c. dig a trench and poor concrete along the fence line

    d. convince your neighbor to spay their dog (not advisable)

  4. brooke w says:

    I have heard that putting their feces in the hole will keep them from digging.

  5. Max says:

    Try pouring something that smells bad, like bleach. But don’t tell anybody, because the environmentalists will shoot you.

  6. Mr. Poppycock says:

    i hate to tell you to chain an already fenced dog… but you can chain it up at a good distance from the fence or bring it inside… or, if you can, take it somewhere else for a few days….

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