How Do I Keep My Dog From Chewing a Hole in the Fence?


okay well i have a beagle . she is about 6-7 months of age and she literally chews a whole in the fence . we have one of those fences that the metal wires cross each other so it looks like squares . well anyway . she pulls on the fence over and over again and it eventually breaks and she wiggles her way through the hole . i dont know what to do about this . can you help ?

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5 Responses to “How Do I Keep My Dog From Chewing a Hole in the Fence?”

  1. iLOVEyOU says:

    well fix the fence first of all of any holes or anything she has already done to it. then take her out for walks 3 times a day for a 1/2hour. She more than likely chews because she has built up frustration. Many dogs get built up frustration because they dont get enough walks [thy dont get to blow off some steam!]. This should work!

  2. Anna says:

    put this type of disgusting spray can thingy o the fence so then it will her away from it.or you can just keep her in the house or in a cage or something you cant be buying a fence whenever she breaks it .its called waisting your money

  3. krystin* says:

    Is she fixed? If you get her fixed this should stop her from wanting to get out. Even if she isn’t in heat yet, this will stop future problems. If shes starting to want to get out already then she’ll be even worse when in heat and trying to mate.

    Maybe she’s just looking for something to chew on. Get her some chew toys.

    Make sure you are providing clean water,24/7. And food twice a day. If an animal is not getting this they could try and run away to help provide for themselves.

  4. kaylers says:

    lemon spray, or anything that you think would work from a pet store

  5. sunshine says:

    We had a beagle butt(her nickname)that was an all time escape artist.You are better off with a chain link fence which she will then dig holes and go under so we ended up making her a large kennel made from chain link and we also put chain link on the bottom of the kennel as well covered up and that did do the trick.Of course,during feeding and play time she would try to run out of gate,as she loved to hunt rabbits but that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.Add:She was fixed also,and a heavy gauge chain link she will not chew through..

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