How do I handle a barking dog issue, when my neighbor is also a relative?


After I moved to the neighborhood, my relatives dog started hanging around my house all the time. They always let it run loose. They live 1/4 mile away. I like the dog, and pet it on occasion. But, it wakes me up all the time at night. I’ve asked them to put it in it’s fenced in dog area at night, and they do sometimes, but not all the time. Then when they see me, they’ll say "Did the dog wake you up last night?" I’ll say "Yeah it did." They’ll say, "Oh we were busy and didn’t get around to putting it away." I’ve even come home, after working 12 hours, and took it down to their house to put away. I don’t have time for pets of my own right now, due to my work schedule. I almost hate living here now. It would be a perfect neighborhood except for this. They know how it aggravates me. I’ve considered calling Animal Control and reporting a dog running loose in the neighborhood–just to end this once and for all. Any other suggestions for inconsiderate relatives?

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10 Responses to “How do I handle a barking dog issue, when my neighbor is also a relative?”

  1. bubkiss says:

    Don’t start a confrontation with a relative. Buy ear plugs and use them when you sleep. They are reasonably effective and can help you sleep. I can help stop a dog from barking but not if it isn’t your dog.

  2. dac46219 says:

    They were probably letting it run before you moved there too…I would call animal control and get your sleep..You can bet your bottom dollar they would call on you! And most animal control or pounds you can call and not have to leave your name.. or Take the dog your self to the Humane society where they will find it a good home.

  3. coldnosed says:

    Woof! Please don’t call "The MAN"!
    Have you ever been locked up? It’s so degrading, everyone sniffing you.
    It’s enough to make a grown dog cry!

  4. jamescheah26 says:

    Easy.You just get a dog house. When you come back from works and saw the dog dog just put it inside and give your relative a call. say you have lock their dog in the dog house. Ask them to pick it up when they can.But remember put a bowl of water inside. Cuz you never know when they will come.

  5. Tigger says:

    That’s a pretty lame excuse. Would they have said that if their dog had gotten hit by a car or shot? If you have time to take their dog home, then they have time to put the dog in a safe place!

  6. PogieLuke says:

    I had the same problem with my daughter’s dog. She had two step-daughter’s who thought they just had to have cats and dogs.
    Of course they got them and were never home to take care of them. So the poor things were always at my house because I felt sorry for them and fed them. The dogs would get my Sunday paper before I could get it and tear it up making my lawn a mess. My yard was a disaster all the time from them dragging stuff up and tearing it up. They never cleaned up after their dogs. Trust me I spoke kindly to them on more the one occasion about the mess (I’m not able to be pick up after their dogs) but, they NEVER cleaned up after them. Thankfully, they eventually moved (a couple of times the dogs got ran over, but they just brought more home.)

    We lived 15 miles out of town, so Animal Control was not an option.

    Family members are the most inconsiderate neighbors! Call and report the dogs!

  7. Michael K says:

    a 357 magnum comes in handy for these situations…just be honest and tell them what you think…good luck

  8. Pat P says:

    hey trite to be more dog friendly dogs are for lovers

  9. csmutz2001 says:

    I would call the animal control… they will learn their lesson and get the dog back and keep it locked up =) if they dont have time to put the dog up at night or keep it in its yard then they dont need a dog at all! =) problem solved call the animal control they will take care of the problem!!!!

  10. Gene L says:

    If there’s one thing I really hate, it’s inconsiderate neighbors who know something they are doing is disturbing those around them and fail to do anything about it.
    And, your situation is even more egregious since these numbskulls are related to you.

    Local animal control laws don’t allow for dogs to wander around without being on a leash….so, they’re in violation.

    Does the dog have tags with it’s address on it?

    Don’t be miserable any longer…your relatives don’t give a darn about how you feel and whether this is bothering you or not….
    CALL ANIMAL CONTROL NEXT TIME THE DOG IS OUT RUNNING FREE…they will pick it up and then contact it’s owners.
    You’ve been "nice" about it until now…now it’s time to get more assertive and do what you need to do…
    it’s the quality of your life that’s at stake here.

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