How do i get my female dog to quit tearing up my fence and digging?


I have tried tying her up for the day and putting her in the house so she cant play with my other dog. i even put her poop where she digs at and it works but then she finds another place to dig. she does this in the middle of the night or early morning. im at my wits end. when we raise our voice she knows she is doing wrong but keeps doing it.
she is a lab collie mix. she has tons of toys and we are out there every day to play with her and my male lab shepard mix. they get treats and are very spoiled
thanks everyone for all the suggetions. they really helped alot. i dont want to get rid of her but i think im going to try the shock collar one or electiric fence.

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9 Responses to “How do i get my female dog to quit tearing up my fence and digging?”

  1. jon o says:

    punch her in the head

  2. Lauren B says:

    We had this problem with our dog trying to get at the neighbors dog on the other side of the fence. We tried putting rocks and bricks at the bottom of the fence and it didn’t work so we finally bought one of those electric fences at the pet store. He shocked himself once and won’t even go on that side of the yard. We don’t plug it in very often and it seems to have done the trick. It may seem cruel but it doesn’t really hurt him, just makes him mad.

  3. rojo_jojo says:

    Some dogs have extra energy and need things to do. Walks that tire the dog out might keep her from digging.

    If your fence is a chain link fence, you could go to the pet store and convert it into a "hot fence." It will zap the dog but won’t cause pain.

    Then again, some dogs are natural diggers.

  4. kirbyboy says:

    What type of breed is your dog? It may be a characteristic of the breed. Does she stay outside all day? Maybe I would make a dirt pen (like a sand box) and put her in there so she can dig and she won’t rip up your yard. Good luck-

  5. Nikkinator says:

    *singsong* Shooocking colllaaaar…

    Listen, it may sound mean, but the shocking collar can be programed depending on the size of your dog, of how hard a shock to give, as well as when to give it (when he digs)..


    Otherwise, talk to another dog-proffesional.

  6. tony l says:

    Except for the punishment details you left out any useful info.

  7. Lisa says:

    She is bored. Dogs become destructive when bored/left alone. Dogs are pack animals. They want to be with their people. Bring her inside.

  8. Beau R says:

    Try putting in an electric fence. It works in teaching a dog to stay in its yard.

  9. gromit801 says:

    Has she been fixed? Some dogs will escape to find a mate.

    Most dogs though dig because they’re bored. Dogs need their pack, which in this case includes the humans they live with. without that, they get anxious. Then they get destructive.

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