How do i Get my Dog to, Not hide, and play with the others?


I have a Rat-Terrier and has never been exposed to any dogs (besides dogs next door threw a fence) Recently Me and My small family Moved in with a family member who has 3 Dogs ( 1 poodle and 2 Bichon Frise puppies) sadly my little dog wont interact with any of them and hides. But when the oldest (poodle) Comes to see about him they end up fighting, In addition of my dog running away.
My Question is :
Is there a way to get them to all get along?
How do i get my Little Rat terrier to stop hiding?
How do i get them to stop fighting?

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2 Responses to “How do i Get my Dog to, Not hide, and play with the others?”

  1. Mikayleigha Gennet says:

    You have to show you dog that other dogs are nice, how about if you have another dog that is really relaxed put a treat near the dog and get your rat terrier, point out the treat and say touch pretty soon you will be able to put it on the dog while the dog your putting it on is distracted and say touch and your rat terrier will be fine with other dogs. this should work with both of your problems.

  2. M says:

    Dogs have personalities like people, some of us are friendly, others not so much. For my new additions to fam ( and I have more than a few) I just don’t make a big deal about it at all. I come into my house (never holding or protecting new dog) and new dog follows me in. Let it be. They will figure it out. People send mixed signals and your dog wants to obey you. It reacts to your actions. I have had 2 dogs Cheyanne and Madelyn together for almost 2 yrs. They still don’t like each other. lol. but, they get along, keep their distance from one another, and sit on either side of me. If you protect one dog it will scare it and make the other dog want to be more aggressive. If you get into their mix you are showing the dogs uncertainty and they will be uncertain too. Let them figure out who is gonna be alpha. Good luck

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