How do I get my 1 year old Pomeranian (who's never had an accident on the carpet) to stop urinating in house?


He has always gone to the restroom on newspaper in a designated spot in the kitchen. I keep him in an exercise pen at night and then let him out with me in the living room as I get ready in the mornings. A few nights ago, my husband caught him urinating on the carpet! I thought that it was because my husband maybe forgot to put the paper down. I did clean it with pet cleaner so that he wouldn’t go back to that spot and urinate. This morning when I let him out, he went straight to the living room carpet and used the restroom, even though he had fresh paper in his cage! Why would he be doing this and please tell me what I can do to stop him? I’m on the verge of putting him outside because I can’t have him urinating in undesignated areas! I may take the paper away from him altogether and just take him outside to use the restroom, but I do work from about 8am-6pm during the week. How could I train him to go outside if I’m gone all day
He is neutered.
I’d like to thank you all in advance for all of your answers! So far, everyone has been sooo helpful! I am looking forward to training my little guy to go outside! I hate having the newspaper in my house so having him use the restroom outside will be wonderful!

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11 Responses to “How do I get my 1 year old Pomeranian (who's never had an accident on the carpet) to stop urinating in house?”

  1. Snuggles says:

    First I would put him in a crate while you are away. Then first thing when you come home take him out and right to the spot where you want him to urinate and praise him and give him a treat.I would also keep him in a crate or right with you and when you see he is smelling or indicating he has to go take him there and give praise again and a treat. I would give him something he really likes and don’t normally get to encourage him. Then when he gets the message I would let him have a little more freedom. They say a dog won’t pee where he sleeps so if his crate is smalll eough (just enough room to turn around) he shouldn’t pee in it. Considering how you work if someone can’t let him out I wouldn’t let him have any water before you leave so he can hold it till you get home. You don’t say where you keep him while you are away so I’m assuming the excercise pen. But a crate would be the thing to try I think. Good luck with him. I know that Natures Miracle is great to get smell and stains out of your carpet.

  2. Dog Trainer says:

    First of all, is your dog neutered? If not this is the reason!

    Secondly, why are you still keeping your dog in an exercise pen at night at one year of age? Dogs are pack animals and want to be near their pack.

    Thirdly, a dogs crate/cage should only be big enough for the dog to lie down, sit and turn around in. It is a den-for sleeping, not a room with a bathroom area in it!

    When you are at home you can take your dog out and when he goes outside, praise and reward him with a little treat! It will take time because you are gone all day, but be patient!

    Also, I would make sure that you monitor him all the time while he is out of his cage! Supervision means you can catch him when he does it right and scold him when you catch him about to do it wrong!

    Feeding a dog on a schedule and not leaving food down all day helps. Also, take the dogs water away 2 hours before you retire and then take your dog out to go pee before going to bed at night and your dog will be fine all night.

  3. rjn529 says:

    Often times, dogs that are allowed to go inside the house will decide that they can go anywhere in the house. Keep him confined in a crate when you are not able to be with him. The crate should be large enough for him to stand up and lay down comfortably, but not much bigger. He will not mess in his crate, as that is also where he will sleep when you are not home.

    As soon as you get home, or get up in the morning, take him outside to the same spot each day. As soon as he goes in his "potty spot", a lot praise, petting, and the occasional cookie. He will learn that that spot in the yard means to "go potty".

  4. beautifulsoutherngirl1038 says:

    You confused him, you should have always taken him outside anyway, i always thought it was lazy to paper train, i dont want the dog peeing in my house no matter what it is on, he should go outside. Also get him fixed as he may be marking his territory..
    I will never understand why anyone ever thought it was a good idea to train an animal to use the restroom in their house… ewee

  5. •♥Çøšmø♥• says:

    If he is all the sudden having accidents then maybe he has a Urinary Tract Infection or some other medical problem.
    I would take him to the vet to rule out medical problems.

    Secondly, Pomeranians are not outside dogs. They are small and need to be indoors. They are at risk for getting killed by hawks, buzzards, other dogs and any other animal larger then them.

    Thirdly, you may have to re-housebreak him.

    Forthly, get him neutered as well.

  6. gtrgirl96 says:

    he is marking his teratory but if you see him do that put lemon juice in his mouth and he will stop and if you come home and see it then make him smell it then say no in a firm voice and then put him outside he will learn in about a week of doing this but dont let him slide

  7. Kim P says:

    I used to have a pomeranian.. I had it potty trained by the first 2 weeks of having him.. I have heard that they are hard to train. He couldnt go outside till he had all his shots so I used to pee pads in the house.. I just put 2 in the house.. One in the living room because thats the most commong place, and one in the bathroom so everytime he would go poopy or pee pee somewhere I would immediately take him over to the pad and say "Bad puppy go on the poopy pad" then he eventually picked up on it, and would go on the pad, and I would say "good puppy" and I was play with him. But if he didnt go on the pad, I would ignor him for like 5 minutes. The pads have a special scent on them… if you are trying to train your dog to go outside try putting a bell on hanging from the door. and teach him to touh his nose to the door. show him how to do it and everytime he does it give him a treat then take him outside.. Hope this helps. Good luck. If you every plan on breeding the dog, or know someone who is let me know. I would love to get another pomeranian.

  8. chocolate_krys2000 says:

    I am having the same issue. My puppy is all neurotic cause he is in that damned crate all day! I feel bad, though its the only way I can assure my carpets does not become his personal toilet!

  9. W. says:

    Have the vet check him for a urinary tract infection.

  10. The best answerer says:

    is he neutered?

  11. narcoleptic1nsomniac says:

    It is not a good idea to leave him outside unattended all day. He could get dog-napped or another animal could enter the yard and hurt him or he could get out of the yard. Not safe.

    I always think it’s a better idea to train a dog to go outside than in the house. If he’s allowed to go in one place in the house, why can’t he go somewhere else? At least in his little doggy brain that might make sense. Paper in his crate is a bad idea. Dogs don’t want to potty where they sleep. If he’s crate trained the crate should be just big enough for him to stretch and turn around — not big enough for him to have a bathroom in there. If he isn’t completely housebroken (which seems to be the case), keep him on a leash any time he isn’t in his crate. He should be within arms length of you so that if you see him squatting to pee you can say "NO!" right away, pick him up, take him to whatever the appropriate place is (outside, his paper, wherever) and let him go there and then reward him like crazy.

    For the long days at work, hire a dog walker to come and take him out at some point during the day. 10 hours is a long time to expect him to hold it, but if you had someone come in and walk him once or twice a day, he should be fine. He’d probably love the attention and company too. That’s a long time for a pup to be alone!

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