How do I deter an annoying dog?


Sometimes when I walk to work, this annoying dog barks at me, startling the heck out of me (since I don’t know when he is there and he’s behind this big wooden fence) and he tries to burrow under the fence so I can see his snout (black lab i think).

I hate dogs and I hate that he’s so stupid and barks at me every time he’s there. I want to stomp on his nose or something (of course i wouldn’t). I really hate dogs and I know talking to dog owners is pointless – they just think you’re weird, but I really hate dogs and this is exactly why I hate them.

One friend told me to feed it a dog treat but I don’t want to encourage it. I want to drop something smelly or icky on the sidewalk as i pass so he learns to leave me alone whenever I pass by. Or something! help me please I really really hate dogs!!

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14 Responses to “How do I deter an annoying dog?”

  1. Victoria L says:

    Dogs will be dogs ,and dogs will bark at people who pass by their home. Try the treat thing and see what happens. Or if you don’t want to do that then walk a different way to work or on the other side of the street.There’s not much else to say.The last option might be to talk to the owners of the dog.

  2. tenzo0 says:

    Just cross the street. He’s in his yard and he’s alerting his people that someone might be approaching. That’s one reason people get dogs. Now, I don’t like it when my dogs freak out if someone walks by and they’re in the yard–if they do I call them in, but a few barks is natural.

    I’m sorry that you hate dogs, but that dog is on his owner’s property. I hate lawn ornaments, but I don’t go around ripping them out of people’s yards. Your hate of dogs shouldn’t determine that the entire would should now cater to your needs and likes. Pick another street to walk on if it bothers you so much.

  3. BirdDog says:

    Find out what the dogs name is and talk to it while mentioning its name frequently. Talk to the owners. Let the dog know you are friendly. If you do not like dogs they may sense that and consider you as a threat. Befriend them. Do not approach the dog unless the dog’s master is with it and the master approves. If the dog is out, talk to it in a calm child like voice and let the dog approach you. If you are approached by the dog offer your hand for it to sniff palm side facing you not the dog.

    Dogs can sense your emotions by your un-obvious perspiration. They can smell your emotions. If you do not appear calm the dog may consider you a threat. A male lab barks to protect his territory. They also enjoy attention.

    Get to know the dog before approaching it with any treats.

    Why do you hate dogs?

    I do not want you to get hurt.

    Good Luck with the dog,

    Bird Dog

  4. amberlion24 says:

    Dont feed him he might be on a special diet them it would be the owner who anoys you when u walk past i have a dog like him where i live they dont stop barking at people so walk another way or ignore it.

  5. tman says:

    Piss on him and mark it as your territory so he’ll stay away from that area . Our mailman does that and he has the respect of all the neighborhood dogs , and some of the local ladies that have seen him do it too !

  6. wheeliebin says:

    Take a different way to work if possible or have a word with the owner

  7. dingbat says:

    Have you tried wielding a flame thrower?

  8. sr22racing says:

    I am sorry for your hate for dogs, But Dogs can be stupid. At the same time it is his owners fault that he is so bored he finds it fun to bark at people walking by. Also this dog might think that you are invading its space, especially because you do not like dogs they will not necessarily like you. I would switch sides of the road. Chances are you are not the only person who this dog barks at. sorry

  9. JR says:

    I know you said you are walking to work but if you can get a small squirt bottle squirt his nose with water. You can start by telling him no and that its okay but if that doesn’t work squirt his nose with water. I have to get the hose out with my five.

    You also have to realize the dog thinks he is doing his job. Especially when you walk away. This is why most all dogs bark at people in uniform they associate it with the mailman. They bark and the intruder goes away.

  10. M & M says:

    The other guy is right, give the dog a treat daily and he’ll look forward to seeing you and stop barking! You obviously have never had a dog or you would not hate them. They are wonderful, loyal loving creatures. You should try spending more time around them and get over YOUR problem.

  11. Wolfbaggin' mofo says:

    Throw him some bacon. That’ll distract him for a while.

  12. Exoilfeildtrash says:

    Carry mace

  13. Oly says:

    i’m serious: fart. and make sure the dog smells it. trust me, it works. he’ll know your smell and will never want to do so ever again.

  14. Debbie D says:

    Why don’t you try walking on the other side of the street?

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