How can I stop my little dog from killing kittens?


I have a four year old Peke. She grew up with my 14 year old cat but Button (my dog) still hates cats. She has tried all her life to chase and catch Gypsy (my cat) Gypsy just sits and stares at her. My Mom has a whole troop of feral cats she has been feeding. These cats have had kittens which invade our fenced in yard. Button chases the adults cats but catches and kills the kittens. She is very obedient except where cats are concerned. Then she becomes deaf and blind as far as listening to my commands to stop. I love cats and dogs and I hate what Button is doing. How can I stop her?
She has had obedience training and, as I said, is a very obedient dog except about cats. I’ve had her since she was 6 weeks old and I have worked with her with the guidence of a dog trainer, She is confined when out to our fenced in yard. The cats are coming over the fence.
Mossbrea, you are an irresponsible question answerer. You should have your account removed. You are not reading my question. So until you learn to read, please refrain from giving advise you know nothing about!

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32 Responses to “How can I stop my little dog from killing kittens?”

  1. twhrider says:

    About all you can do is keep them apart. I’ve often threatened to get a real bad a** tom cat and let him come in and whup up on my JRT when she takes particular joy in tormenting my cat. (No…wouldn’t do it….just threaten….and the cat and dog are just playing. About the time I go to rescue the cat, they come running back in with the cat in hot pursuit of the dog) Even if you train her to the ends of the earth, if she has it out for kittens, left unsupervised she’ll probably keep right on doing as she’s done in the past.

  2. deerajska says:

    Dogs are domesticated wolves – and wolves hunt to feed themselves. Your dog is doing what is natural to her. This doesn’t mean that she needs obedience classes, or that she’s got some sort of behaviour problem, and the people who are answering that you should kill your dog – I don’t even think they deserve a comment…

    The best thing you can do is try to talk to your mother and work out something together to keep your dog separated from the cats and kittens. If your yard is where she’s used to playing, the best thing you can do is to try to keep the cats out of the yard, or keep the dog on a leash with you in the yard….

    Good luck!

  3. suzie s says:

    First of all.. feeding feral cats is nice, but your mom really should get in touch with a spay and neuter program.. 20+ million animals are put down annually in the US. And she is contributing to the problem. Where I live there is a catch, neuter, and release program, and people feed the colony.. knowing that those cats are cared for and there wont be more kittens. It is shocking that you don’t take this more seriously.

    Your problem.. it is simple.. keep the dog and the cats separate. It may result in some effort or inconvenience (like leash walking you dog) but that is what responsible pet ownership is about.

  4. tinkerbell_gina45 says:

    i have a dog that killed m y 6 month old cat, i was heartbroken, but i couldnt just dump her, dogs natural enemy are cats. and You cant just kill the dog, like many people have said. try spray bottles, hose, make a small fenced off area for the kittens you might need a roof because they jump. If you have the time and dont mind, you could take the kittens in your garage or something and keep buttons out! I have a dog just like this but for her she likes to kill all animals, we have to walk her at 6 in the morning to avoid her attacking other animals. hope this has been helpful.

  5. kacieesmth says:

    whoever said kill buttons is horrible.just dont let the dog around the cats and punish her not by hitting or whatever thats SO wrong but i would bring her to a class maybe because its not fair to the kittens?!

  6. reptiles1221 says:

    don’t reward the dog for liek a year with any affection or any treats for liek a month

  7. sissy101 says:

    Dont let her outside, walk her by the cats, (with a leash on her)
    when she goes to bite, growl, or any behavior she has against killing them, tug on her leash not to hard but just enough to send a message saying no. Also right when you see her head move than tug.

  8. mossbreaker says:

    You are an irresponsible animal owner if you are allowing this to happen, and you need to have your animals taken away from you. This is not something you can correct with a "squirt bottle", this is something you CORRECT by SEPARATING the animals. Would you EVER put cats in the same room as your hamsters and expect obedience classes to correct the situation? God help you if you ever find yourself at someone else’s mercy in a situation where they won’t save you from certain death.

  9. virgil says:

    Bring the cats and kittens in when she is on the leash.

    Then when she is good, praise her good behavior, give her treats.
    When she goes crazy control her with the leash.
    Be patient.
    Get more advanced as she gets better behaved.
    She will get the message eventually.

  10. Steve says:

    Can I boor her for week? My neighbor feed strays and they come over and dig up my lawn and leave little smelly presents.

    After that you can take her to doggie school for training.

  11. happylady216 says:

    You can’t that is the way Nature has its balance. Get the feral cats properly cared for either by sending them to the pound to be kindly and humanely euthanized or by getting them all spayed.Feeding feral cats only adds to the total misery in the world by the threat to other species and starvation of the kittens.

  12. lexie1397 says:

    Your dog is behaving based on chemicals in his body that make him experience satisfaction when he kills a kitten. It is similar to the satisfaction we get when we have a really good meal.
    To encourage your dog to stop killing the kittens you should do everything you can to stop creating the opportunity. Check the yard before the dog is let loose and safely remove any kittens your dog could get to. If your dog does get the opportunity after all your hard work to stop him, you need to have something ready that your dog thinks is the best thing in the world… even better than killing himself a meal!! This will encourage your dog to come to you and get what you have for him rather than go after the cats. If you can get him to you, DO NOT PUNISH him for chasing the cats. Your dog will percieve this as punishment for coming to you, and he will be less likely to do it next time.
    If you are very very consistant, your dog will learn that it should come to you for something really great every time it sees a cat.
    Good luck!!

  13. bullymommy25 says:

    yikes! your dog probably has a high prey instinct, and back in the day that would have been a good thing. Intensive training could help, in theory your dog should "leave it!" when you demand, but in reality, you probably need to be very vigiliant. Move the kittens or make a barrier to them and keep the dog separated. My female pit bull likes to chase my two cats, not out of a desire to kill them, but she wants to play with them and lick them, and cats are very, well, self important and don’t appreciate a good butt licking, so they take off running, which ignites Stella’s prey instinct, she can’t help but chase them! Gotta keep em separated… (heheh)

  14. Grossed out in Georgia says:

    She actually murders kittens? Thats kinda serious…you need to reinforce your yard so kittens can’t get into it and you need to severely discepline your dog when she gets agressive with Gypsy or any other cats. If discpline doesn’t work, you can get one of the shock collars, but that should always be a last measure.

  15. Wine and Window Guy says:

    The kittens will be gone soon enough.

  16. Amanda L says:

    Most dogs have a high prey drive which is hard to stop regardless if they are deaf or not. If you cannot physically keep your dog separated from the kittens, your dog will continue to kill them. Either get a small animal trap and capture all of the kittens and keep them away from your dog or call the animal catcher to come and catch the kittens. He/she will have animal traps they will probably leave for the kittens to get caught in.
    I caught a ferel cat that was sick and pregnant. I nursed her back to health in my parents’ basement. When she had kittens, she had them inside a crawl space I couldn’t get to, so they became ferel too. I got a pair of HUGE leather gloves and would lure them out with food. I was able to catch them and I’d just hold them and pet them and eventually they became tame. I found homes for them.

  17. clickonthearticle15 says:

    You should pick up a kitten in front of your dog and twist its neck so the dog can see it. Then say "NO" very loudly. After a few of these, the dog will learn it is bad…

  18. Angela says:

    they have new collars that you can buy, sorta the same concept of the shock collar but it emmits a spray thay effects the dogs sences and thye dont like it at all, i saw it in my fosters & smith catalogue.

  19. ~Hamsters~In~Heaven~ says:

    Well, I think that your mom should bring all these cats to the shelter/rescue because it is dangerous out there. And simply keep the dog away from the kittens. Supervise the dog while letting it out.

  20. acpeterson12 says:


  21. animal-lover121 says:

    every1 noes u cant stop a dog frm killing a cat
    its just natural the best thing u can do chain her up of summin
    NO DUH!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. starsdelite says:

    you cant stop her. when an animal gets a taste of something they like they wont stop. its a primal instinct.

  23. Blazin_frizzard says:

    how can you stop your dog from killing kittens, Its easy: kill buttons. Its an endless cycle of violence but once you learn to accept it… well the world will be filled with a few more kittens.

  24. Ais says:

    Get rid of the dog or cat!

  25. jbckitty43 says:

    Get help from the Dog Whisperer.

  26. lodeman11 says:

    Hey, as the offsprings have said, "you gotta keep them separated)

  27. R says:


  28. krennao says:

    Try training the dog, obedience school. The dog should not be doing anything you don’t want her to be doing. Not a good dog.

  29. lilshawtysh1509 says:

    spank her and say no don’t do that..

  30. xbamf123x says:

    1. take him to an obidience class
    2. punish him [in a humane way] everytime he gets hostile around a kitten
    3. or keep him away form kittens

  31. cali.rocz says:


  32. aural margin says:

    The Peke is unable to overcome her aggressive tendencies; some dogs just won’t. Obedient, sure, but not too smart. She’s already lost one eye, right?

    The kittens don’t understand the meaning of the fence or realize they may be in danger. Since the death of the kittens bothers you (and your mom, I’m sure), put Button on a leash and walk her in the yard until you can negotiate with your mom regarding a safer environment for the kittens, long-term feral cat arrangements, etc.

    You and your mom are the caretakers, and Buttons is there by your leave as much as the cats are; maybe the leash will get this point across. If not, at least you will be keeping the peace while enjoying time with your dog.

    Act fast, before your mom finds a dead kitten and freaks! She likes having the cats around her house, or she wouldn’t feed them, so they’re probably there to stay.

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