how can i stop my dog from jumping my fence?


i have a ver large dog, 25% pitbull 25%american bulldog 50% german shepherd, and hes just a puppy but 120 pounds, hes getting to the point where i think hes big enough to jump our fence, considering i only have 10 or 15 pounds on the dog, i cant walk him anymore, hes a well behaved dog and doesnt want to LEAVE, but he runs to the fence and jumps up and barks when ppl wakl by, or an animal, and gets high enough to where its starting to worry me, my closest call was he jumped up try 2 get a squirrle out of a tree, and his hind legs were near the top of the fence, if he would have flipped over by accident, he would have been gone, we dont want to chain him, and cant afford a higher fence or an electric, any ideas? ways to train? tricks? anything to be honest, its not like hes not loved, he just wants to play with the things on the other side, and is dumb, please help me!!!!! i love my dog, dont wana see him hit by a car

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8 Responses to “how can i stop my dog from jumping my fence?”

  1. moondog says:

    You need to learn how to train your dog to walk nicely on a leash.
    The dog needs to be walked for physical and mental stimulation.
    Why did you get a large breed dog that you haven’t trained and can’t handle.

    Two of my dogs weigh more than I do and I have no problems walking them, though I don’t walk them together. I train my dogs to be well behaved, obedient dogs.

    Not walking a dog due to its size is a poor excuse. All dogs should be walked. He will try to jump the fence if you don’t get him exercised and mentally stimulated. He will jump out of sheer boredom.

    Find an obedience class near you or call in a private trainer to teach you how to train your dog so you can take him for the daily walks he needs. Walking your dog is a normal every day part of responsible dog ownership.

  2. BonBonMom says:

    No matter how big a yard is, to a dog, it’s just a big kennel. Dogs that are locked up in the yard will get frustration aggression. They want to see the dogs outside, they want to meet the people, but they can’ those frustration builds up and they eventually relate to the objects outside to a reaction of aggression.

    All dogs like chasing small animals to a degree. But you can control this prey drive by training. I teach my dog the command leave it when I see birds and squirrels around.

    I have a HUGE newfie puppy. I am a 109lbs 5 feet 2 woman and he is currently 10.5 mths and weighed about 125 lbs. I walk him everyday as well as dog park and I even off leash walk him in a forest trail. No dogs are too big to walk,and they need to the learn the rules (no pulling and not allowed to wander off)

    A well exercised dog tend to behave better. Give correction when the jumping starts. I allow my dog bark but when I say "hush", he shuts up.

  3. creepycookie says:

    ok I know this will sound harsh, but you should seriously consider rehoming your dog if he is too big for you to walk. a big dog needs to be walked every day or it will just go crazy from boredom, they need to exercise their mind as well as their body. by not being walked he is far more likey to want to jump the fence. With this mix of bredds he is going to be a high energy, very intellegent dog with quite a strong prey drive so he needs strict obedience training, as well as a lot of attention, walks and playtime. I would suggest you join a training organisation who will teach you how to heel your dog, so that you can walk him without being pulled along, and he will be able to socialise as well.

  4. Shannon D says:

    put it on a long leash that stretches most of your yard.
    you can buy pretty big ones.
    and always clip two together!

    its way better than risking losing him.

  5. ANDREW says:

    beat him with a electric cord he’ll stop

  6. Nancy U says:

    The last thing you want to do is chain up your dog if he is a fence jumper, he could hang himself like that. The best bet is to get a large kennel with a top on it. A dog is never "too big" or "too strong" to walk. My friend, who weighs 120 lbs., can walk both of her dogs at the same time, and they each weigh 75ish lbs. Your dog must be properly leash trained, being taught how to heal.

  7. chokeondemand09 says:

    get a chain that you put in the ground and hook him up to that…you can get thick ones that won’t break with a large dog like that…you can also get longer chains so that you aren’t restricting them from anywhere in the yard…..thats probably the cheapest way…otherwise possibly seek out a trainer but that could be quite costly…good luck!

  8. S P U N K Y says:

    Sorry I can’t help you with the criteria you specified. You will either have to chain him to something he can pull around the yard, but is too heavy for him to jump with, or you will have to purchase something like an "Invisible Fence". If you chain him to something like a car tire, he will be able to still move around the yard and not be stuck in one spot. You will have to put a chain on him that is shorter than the fence though. If he jumps the fence and the tire stays on the other side he will probably hang himself. You might just have more dog than you can handle. Think about it. Good luck.

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