How can I stop my dog from destroying my wood fence?


He is crazy and keeps eating and destroying my wood fence in different places

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6 Responses to “How can I stop my dog from destroying my wood fence?”

  1. Veronica says:

    to get my dog from chewing on all things wood i got the hotest hot sauce i could find and put it on her favorite chewing spots it only took once.

  2. shawn o says:

    i had the same problem. I have 1 dog and my neighbor has 2 dogs, and the only separating us was a wood fence. What i did to keep them from repeatedly destroying our fence was spray Home Defense Outdoor Bug spray along the bottom of the fence.

    This will do two things: Save your fence and keep the dogs from tearing it up.

  3. evilittlevixen says:

    Give him something else to chew on, play with him. What is on the otherside of the fence, is it something he is trying to get to. If it is teach him that it is a no go thru disipline.

  4. Laurie says:

    when my pup chews bark and starts to lick the wooden chair in the backyard i know she is in the mood to chew…, i say NO, once, then give her a chew bone to chew. it says instead of this, chew this.

  5. gentryzoo says:

    Sometimes putting a good stain and sealer on it will stop them from doing it. It worked with my St. Bernard.

  6. Maureen M says:

    Do not leave the dog untended and alone outside for any length of time. The dog is bored and is being destructive as a result of your lack of attention.

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