How can I keep my Dog in the Fence?


My dog is a chow collie mix. and she is a very very very smart dog…But she would be the most perfect dog if she wouldn’t know how to unlatch the gate outback. I cant figure out how to break her of this habit and she likes to open the front door. PLEASE HELP…WHATEVER YOU HAVE TO OFFER…IM WILLING To LISTEN

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2 Responses to “How can I keep my Dog in the Fence?”

  1. PUGS. What else is there?™ says:

    A lock?

    Can’t you just go outside with her when she goes out?
    It shouldn’t be a problem.

  2. JenVT says:

    Get a different lock for the gate- we had a similar problem and got a latch with a hole at the top and slipped a bolt through it and put a nut on the end to keep it from sliding out. It is perfect!

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