how can i keep my dog in the fence she keeps getting out?


it cost me 300 dollars yesterday to get him out of the pound.. i hate to chain him up. what can i do to keep her in

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    10 Responses to “how can i keep my dog in the fence she keeps getting out?”

    1. Shar says:

      It is your responsibility to take care of your dog, and if that means tying it that’s what you have to do. If your child runs wild will you just let it do what it wants? It’s the same responsibility.

    2. coolcalmundell says:

      if you have a rock wall then you should put would to higher it worked for me

    3. eurostar987 says:

      Well your dog is obviously bored and she needs a "job". Try getting her a "Kong" toy (petsmart) THey are about 10 dollars but are indestructable! You put some tasty food for dogs in the middle, like peanut butter or CHEESE (they love cheese!) and they try to get it for hours. It’s like a job. You can also set up some other little things for her to do. Try making her a "scavenger hunt" where she needs to work for treats and it’ll keep her busy. There are other ways too. Don’t chain her up, if you can’t take care of her and don’t have the time, then just get her a new owner. You can try playing with her more, walking her, etc.

    4. Melissa says:

      get another fence, or invisable fence

    5. says:

      chicken wire that you put up next to fence but lower so it can’t get out underneath

    6. somepoopy says:

      put a long shain on hime or a shorter chain on a clothes drying thingy.. brain fart… cant think of the name.. and let him run!

    7. aqualibrarian says:

      Make up your mind is your dog a him or a her?

    8. Hypnosis says:

      Sit down and tell him face to face, mano e mano.


      Just chain it up!

    9. ColoRockies30 says:

      get a new fence.

    10. Jenny says:

      You can get one of the underground wire fences. Or, another option. dig a trench, fairly deep, under your fence line, all around the yard. Then pour concrete in it or put wooden logs all the way around. Then cover it back with dirt. This prevents the dog from digging under the fence. Then of course, make sure your fence is in good shape and secure. Make sure there are no holes or escape routes. And make sure it is high enough your dog cant jump over. Do not tie your dog in the yard, this is cruel and could be dangerous. The chain could get tangled on something and the dog wouldnt be able to move, find shelter in bad weather ect, or it could get choked. I hope you only have your dog in the yard for play time, or potty time. Do not leave your dog outside 24/7. This is cruel and inhumane. Outside dogs are left in the scorching sun, pouring rain, freezing cold, ect, ect. Plus, they dont get the attention they need. Dogs are living beings, they have feelings too. Would you want to live outside?

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