How can I keep my dog from jumping a 6 ft privacy fence.?


I have a 2 yr old australian shepherd who can clear my 6 ft privacy fence he runs up the fence then he pulls himself over it.We cant use electrical fence or invisible cause of city codes.I dont want to put him on a chain cause he was on one when i lived in the country a while back and now is very skitish.I want him to stay in the yard so he dont get hurt but I have no clue what to do .I have called home depot and lowes trying to find a 45 degree angle fence extensions to put up to see if that would work but they dont sell them I dont know what else to do.Someone please help me I am tired of spanking him cause then he just doesnt want to come to me at all .I dont want him to get hurt please help.
we have a golden retriever whos 1 thats in the yard with him he still jumps and he doesnt run off he lays by my window
he is fixed. and I have no clue why he wants to get out he has a play mate he has toys outside.He just jumps and lays on the side of the house does run off just lays on the side of the house.We even bought a kiddie pool for him to stay cool in.

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  1. Aussie Mom to 3 says:

    Wow, a 6 ft. fence – amazing! First, do understand it is an Aussie’s nature as a herding dog to want to roam into a large space and they are incredibly intelligent, dogs who like to have purpose. I have three Aussies and one of them insists on escaping our country yard despite a 1/3 acre that is fenced off just for them. Have you considered planting something like a holly that would cause some mild discomfort when he jumps at the fence? Is he getting regular exercise? Just running around in a suburban yard isn’t typically enough for these dogs and he may be looking at the escape plan as a personal challenge. An e-collar would be a last resort after establishing a regular walking routine. I saw that your city won’t allow the fencing, but with an e-collar, you use a remote clicker to deliver a correction when he jumps at the fence. It’s works like any radio controlled device (like a toy car, airplane or garage door opener.) To correct the situtation with him not coming to you, start calling to him with him just a few feet away from you and give him a treat each time. Increase the distance with the treat reward and then start replacing the treat with a head scratch and "good boy" to wean him off the food reward. As you can see, hitting him isn’t working. Good luck. I know it’s a challenge but stick with it.

  2. whoatemyham says:

    I’m sorry to answer a question with a question — but why does your dog want to jump the fence? Is your dog fixed? Many unaltered dogs jump fences because they want to get out and mate. If he is not fixed, I would recommend getting him fixed ASAP. This will remove his desire to mate and therefore remove his desire to jump the fence.

    Aussies are very intelligent dogs (I have two, both males) and they get bored easily. Invest on some good toys to keep his mind active.

  3. ♥•[[Leslie]]•♥ says:

    You can find something to entertain your dog. Buy a new dog so they could play togetheer and if you don’t want another dog buy him a toy. And if keeps on jumping the fence you’ll hav to put the leash on him and if you dont want that put a bigger fence.

  4. zenithxana says:

    You can put wooden stakes on top of all the posts at a 45 degree angle pointing in. Then you can run chicken wire between the stakes. About 24 inches should do the trick.

  5. Amma says:

    Put him on along leash but not one that goes to the fence. Just until you can break him from jumpiung. Have you asked the dog whispers show, I’ll bet he knows.

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