How can I get my dog to stop jumping my fence?


I didnt believe it myself at first but my beagle can jump a 7 foot wooden fence. How can I get her to stop without chaining her up?

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13 Responses to “How can I get my dog to stop jumping my fence?”

  1. Joseph says:

    it may sound silly, but my suggestion would be to get a higher fence, otherwise you cant really do anything.

  2. Jessie Q says:

    You should get a Coyote Roller
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  3. theresagerber says:

    They make a jump harness, but use it to teach not as a solution. When he gets too close to the fence tell him NO and give him a squirt with a hose or water bottle.

  4. Generics says:

    you need to stimulate her mind more she wants to explore and do things, hide a thing of peanut butter and maker her find it. giver her more exercise and tell her no its wrong to jump fences.

  5. A1 says:

    Bigger fence….I don’t believe a beagle can jump a 7 foot fence unless climbing up on something. Ck the bottom..there is a hole somewhere. We had beagles and could not figure how they were getting out for months until we called them chewing through wire and digging and squeezing under the bottom. Put the bottom in cement or bury it……no chicken wire..use turkey wire or heavy chain link………..

  6. Jbird says:

    Kick his doggy dog a**!!

  7. Angry Jew says:

    Just get a long leash and "chain" her up…its probably the only thing that will work. My dog would always run out of her electric fence and attack other dogs, so we had to leash her up, but she have about 100 feet of leash so she can still get around the yard find. She got used to it after a while.

  8. Mehde H says:

    easily just make the fence more higher so he wont jump over it

  9. LAURIE says:

    You may need to add an additon to the fence with a top piece leaning inward. This way he cannot go straight up and over.

  10. lalokita 86 says:

    kinda impossible dude

  11. joseph says:

    well it may sound sarcastic, but get a bigger fence

  12. mighty_power7 says:

    you can try an electric fence.

  13. Johnny_Dangerously says:

    There are harnesses that you can get that prevent a dog from jumping but do not limit it’s normal movement. It basically keeps the dog from extending the back legs far enough to get any height.

    Here is just one that I found when I typed in "anti jump harness"

    I used one like it on my German Shepherd and it stopped her from getting over the fence.

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