How can I get my dog to like my neighbor's puppy?


My dog is a 7 year old terrier and he is constantly getting snappy with the puppy. Help! I want them to get along, however, my dog tends to be people aggressive, so they can’t meet outside the fence. The puppy is a curious little shepard mix, who probably won’t notice my dog getting annoyed with him. PLEASE give me some tips on how to make them like eachother.

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7 Responses to “How can I get my dog to like my neighbor's puppy?”

  1. APBT'S HEART & SOUL says:

    Although that is very sweet you have concern for the puppy. I would be more concerned with his aggression towards people. And start socializing and obedience traning right away.

    Good Luck!

  2. Gemma says:

    Try muzzling your dog and taking your dog and your neighbours pup and a walk to gather and see how things go.

  3. Larry E says:

    if he is people aggressive there is no way he will put up with a puppy.

  4. MamaBas says:

    Is it totally necessary that your dog gets to like a neighbour’s puppy? Of course, you don’t want outright aggression going on, but to be honest, it’s really up to your neighbour to make sure her puppy is under control and not annoying your older dog (and vice versa). Older dogs don’t usually ‘like’ puppies, especially the one next door – and unless he’s likely to be living with this puppy, I don’t see the problem really. If the puppy is going to be in your house occasionally, as with any new puppy/older dog relationship, it has to be taken slowly and your older dog needs to feel you are in control of the situation, so he doesn’t have to defend himself.

    I suggest you increase the fencing (so neither dog can see each other). We have a Jack Russell living at the back of our place – she barks everytime she hears mine outside (which on it’s own is annoying) but as it’s a solid fence, can’t see mine (unless her idiot owner lifts her up ‘to say hello’) and in truth, mine just ignore her when she barks and she eventually quits.

    Dog relationships cannot be forced. It will either happen, or it won’t and with this one, it doesn’t really matter much if it doesn’t?

  5. Swifty, J Dub, Jaxom, says:

    that’s tough because the older dog is a little slower and the puppy just wants to play.
    I would suggest making sure that the puppy is tired (not all wound up) and a little more relaxed… and as long as your dog doesn’t snap at the puppy give him a dog treat and tell him he is a good boy for not snapping….

  6. Sidney says:

    get your dog a muzzle so that he cant bight and put them both on a leash. and let them play once you think he is better than take of the muzzle and give him treats around puppy so he thinks the puppy is good!

  7. papaw says:

    Your dog will probably like the puppy better if you put a different flavor gravy type liquid on it. Evidently your dog doesn’t like the current flavor. (LOL- meant to be a joke only)

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