How can I get my contortionist dog to leave the electric fence collar alone?


Every time he eats one it’s 5.00. I’m putting them on tight enough, probably uncomforably tight. He’s 13 months and a lab so he’s still a chewy thing.

Those postive-negative posts are delicious. God help him if he needs any kind of pet MRI. He’ll probably blow the building sky high.

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4 Responses to “How can I get my contortionist dog to leave the electric fence collar alone?”

  1. Syd V says:

    Ah. He’s just being a labby. People will tell you that they are bored or frustrated, but I have a lab that is entertained almost constantly and she still chews things. Could you rub something nasty on it so that when he bit it he would stop? Maybe like a jalapeno pepper or something. That’s what I had to do to my chair legs when my dog was younger.

  2. East Dallas says:

    Chewing is usually a sign of frustration. A large dog like a lab needs to be walked twice a day for 45 mins to an hour each time.

    You should never leave an EF collar on for more than 10 hours at a time. The posts dig into the skin and can cause irritation. He may be chewing them off because it hurts.

    They also make a better collar for stimulation collars to replace the one it comes with.

  3. Apricot Snow Girl says:

    Just have him outside when you are out there to supervise. Often times electric fences are a waste of money and time. Tire this dog out. Take him running in the morning, to a dog park if you have one in the afternoons, and run him again in the evening. Or just romp around the yard with him in the evenings and tire his butt out.

  4. Adam W says:

    Go to Petsmart and get him a Kong toy to chew on, they’re the ones with the hollow inside to put a treat in. It take the dog a while to manage to get the treat out.

    Dogs like lab’s get bored easily, you’ve got to keep them busy, even if you’re not home. I’ve got a lab mix, and the Kong we got him seems to be keeping his attention (meaning less time for him to chew on our fence and anything else he can carry).

    Also, you don’t necessarily have to buy the treats that go with the Kong, I just use treats my dog likes and a dab of peanut butter to hold them in place if they don’t fit.

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