How Can I Deal With my Neighbor’s Dogs?


I have two little lap dogs. We bought our home so they can have a yard. Three years ago, new neighbors moved in,They had two dogs . They got one more for work reasons(work security),no problem, Then the bought a big dog, great dane. When he ws a puppy, my dogs would bark at him, when I stopped them, she would say,"it’s okay they are talking" I mentioned I don’t want any hostilities between them, because her dog will grow to be huge, So mine stopped barking at him.well she didn’t listen, and never corrected her dog, NOW my little guys can’t even go in the yard, without her dog, ripping the fence down to get at them, he keeps digging holes, where his head can come under,and snaps at them. At times, he gets out and runs to my door, barking and scratching. What if we are just out one day, and he gets them or me.
The other day he was out, and ran into my garage, and he wouldn’t let me out the car.. Her husband is a police officer, so I know how i will be treated if i called the police,plus it’s his wife’s fault, for not handling it the first place.The Humane Society, says they can’t do anything, because he hasn’t hurt anyone, and even if they came out, it would most likely be contained by then…

Don’t know what to do, but I am tired of peeking out my door, before I step out.
I have tried to talk to her, but she says he is just playing, if I would read on great danes, I would see they aren’t mean dogs..WTH… This think tries to eat my little guys !!!!
LYNN: Yes, she has no business, i thank you for understanding, and being the owner of a GDane, you know what I am talking about, the fear is unbelievable at times….

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7 Responses to “How Can I Deal With my Neighbor’s Dogs?”

  1. twoodshair says:

    since the dog does belong to a police officer the animal control and police department won’t do anything about the dog. i know from personal experience. my brother in law is a cop and has dogs that get out. he laughed at the neighbors calling about the dogs until one day when one of the neighbors shot and killed one of them. then , there was nothing he could do to retaliate because the neighbors had called about them and they kept records of the phone bills; there was a paper trail of proof that he couldn’t keep his dogs in their pen.

    don’t get me wrong, i adored his dog. HE is the one who did nothing to control him. the dog only did what he knew.

    get a big wooden board and nail nails all around it and place it in your yard right next to the fence. make sure the neighbors see you do it so they at least try to keep the dog in their yard. what ever you decide to do make sure they know you are SERIOUS about keeping their dog away from you.

  2. pepper says:

    If you can’t stand up to her for whatever reason, then you should be prepared to invest in a good strong fence. Do your research and find out about fence types and the amount of weight particular fencing materials can withstand. Speak to the local hardware guys.

    The new fencing should replace your existing, shared fence and you, and your husband, should pay for enclosed fencing and a gate (you may want an electronic gate with a remote that sits inside of your car) for the rest of your property (the areas where you don’t share a fence such as across your front yard).

    The hard part will be approaching her to split the cost of the new fencing between your two properties, if she says "no" and you really need this fencing then pay for it then take her to the small claims court.

    It’s really up to you and how much you can pay, how much you’re willing to put up with and whether or not you can work this out with your neighbours.

    – Pepper.

  3. Nutritionally Fortified says:

    Every city in this country has a leash law and laws regarding dangerous dogs. You need to Google: your county + municipal codes + dogs. Know the law.

    A leash law generally means that a person must have their animal on a leash at all times and under control. The law also covers maintaining appropriate fencing/housing/containment. If their dog is roaming free then they are in violation of the law.

    You’ll need proof that their dog *repeatedly* escapes and that the fence cannot contain him. Get a camcorder and have the time and date on there and tape it. Now call Animal Control services for your county. They aren’t like the police and it can take them hours to respond but they do have the authority to issue citations with fines.

    Your neighbor’s husband knows all of this and has no regard for the law or your safety. If Animal Control has no affect and they just pay their fines and do nothing about their dog then you may have to choose between moving or obtaining an anti-harassment order. Police officer or not, a judge can force them to do the right thing or pay larger fines.

  4. Angie says:

    well they have an advantage there for the police officer in the family but you should probably try to contact aah…i cant remeber the name but try looking for proffesional help for the animal. by that i mean someone to examine the situation and show your neighbor whats really happening i mean if you have to look outside before you open the door…um yeah that little BIG doggy isnt playing like the lady says…

    sorry if i was no help

  5. snakeeyedsob says:

    I would call animal control and report a vicious dog. Humane society cant do anything for you, but animal control will make repeated stops, plus thoroughly investigate your claim. Good luck!

  6. Taylor says:

    Get a pellet gun thats all i can say if you shoot it in the butt a few times it will learn to say out of your yard 🙂 may sound cruel but it cant hurt him if its not super high powered

  7. LYNN W says:

    I own a great dane and this woman apparently doesn’t need to own one. She doesn’t have control over her dog and it could kill yours in a second, intentionally or not. I wouldn’t give a darn whether her husband was on the police force or not, they have to abide by the law just like everyone else. It is her responsibility to keep him in the fence away from your yard. I would call every time her dog came in your yard because the dane could cause severe damage just by his size. There is no sense in you or your dogs having to live in fear. It is people like her that give large dogs bad reputations because they won’t train them.

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