How can I best take care of 29 dogs at an animal shelter?


I work with a woman who rescues street dogs. I just got employed at her shelter this June. I’m new with this type of work, but have five dogs of my own. My dilemma is this.

The woman keeps about twenty of the dogs fenced in and four are chained to their shelters. That is, they’re unable to get exercise. The others can move around. But I’m wanting to give them all a more loving and healthy experience. My question is this.

How often and long would be sufficient enough time to give the chained dogs walks? So far, I can only walk them once a day and that for five to ten minutes. I know it stimulates them psychologically, and perhaps, physically. But it seem superficial, since I’ve taken my own dogs on runs and hiking trips and that for hours. I feel her dogs need more.

We work in a mountainous area though. There are venomous snakes, so I’m a little afraid for their safety too. Moreover, a lot of orchards are adjacent to her property and they use a lot of pesticides. What can I do?

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3 Responses to “How can I best take care of 29 dogs at an animal shelter?”

  1. Keith says:

    God bless the lady, she has the best of intentions without the right equipment. She needs personel and kennels and goods. Do what you can to help. Any help will be great. This sounds like a cause that could deteriorate quickly. Hopefully it will go right. i know this hasn’t been much help but I’ve been there.

  2. Nikko,GSD&Peke Lvr says:

    This question does confuse me!!! A shelter in the mountains?? How are people suppose to come and view these dogs that should be up for adoption?? This does’nt sound right as far as how a shelter is run,dogs are not chained outside!! I would want more info as right now I would report her as this is cruelty to me.You need to give more info on this so-called shelter and this woman that is seems to be hoarding these dogs..

  3. ♥shelter puppies rule♥ says:

    If you take your own dogs out hiking for hours, aren’t the venomous snakes there too….

    is this a shelter, or the woman is just picking up strays and keeping them at her house…

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