Home Inspection – Outside Structures – Part 2 of 3


www.homeownerseries.com This is video #2 of a 3-part series. The videos are Part 1 = youtu.be Part 2 = youtu.be Part 3 = youtu.be To watch the Outside Structures Playlist = www.youtube.com Fences Fences, which are made of metal or wood, need to be checked thoroughly for solidness. If a metal fence is being evaluated check the concrete footings to see that they are still sound and support the fence’s weight properly. Check for rust or any type of corrosion that could destabilize the fence in the future. The metal railings should not have any rust present. Here you can see a metal railing that is completely rusted through. Wooden fences should be checked thoroughly because they are prone to termite and dry rot damage. Check the individual posts for soundness. The fence planks should not be installed in contact with the ground. This fence is likely to deteriorate rapidly due to its constant exposure to water. A fence installed too close to the ground will allow water and dirt to come in contact with the base of the fence. Such contact promotes structural decay and could become a safety hazard. To check the structural condition of a fence, gently push on the fence to see if it moves. This will indicate whether the posts have rotted and need to be replaced, or if the footings of the fence are too shallow and do not support the fence’s weight correctly. Look over the entire fence for any signs of insect damage to the individual pieces of wood, or if there are stains from water

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