Hi. If someone jumps over your fence and gets bitten by your dog, what rights do they have?


I heard that if they are bitten, that they still have the right to sue you. Is this true, and if so, how can this be if they’re trespassing? If so, what would be the point of having a dog watch over your place?
I live in NY.

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    6 Responses to “Hi. If someone jumps over your fence and gets bitten by your dog, what rights do they have?”

    1. lavartheus says:

      Put a No Trespassing sign in your front yard. That way you have the right to use deadly force (if you live in Tennessee) for them being in your yard.

    2. laughter_every_day says:

      Depends on many circumstances. If you are talking about trespassing adult, that gets one analysis. If you are talking about a child who is trying to retrieve a ball that went over the fence, there are some slight differences there. Both can sue. Whether they can sue sucessfully is another question. If you want to know more about your potential liability, instead of asking for baseless opinions on this site, hire a lawyer familiar with the laws in your state or country, or ask your liability insurance agent. Both can give meaningful information because, among other things, they know what state or country you live in.

    3. Kitty_Kat says:

      It’s not really considered trespassing if there’s no signage posted. Meaning if you don’t have a "no trespassing" sign on your property visible from both front and back yards, then anyone can jump your fence. Sorry.

    4. Elizabeth says:

      Yes, this is true. Many a dirt bag has won cases for medical bills stemming from this very type of incident.

    5. Sweetharttt says:

      I would think the only right they had was to get arrested for tress passing.

    6. mike i says:

      You need to mention in which STATE you live in….this matters greatly.

      Some states have Castle Doctrine to the max, which means, once someone steps on your property or enters your house you CAN LEGALLY shoot them or defend yourself….same thing with your case.

      If they got bitten when they JUMPED A FENCE into YOUR property or place of dwelling…..which means they KNOWINGLY tresspassed…..its entering at THEIR RISK……which means they CANNOT sue you or do anything.

      States that have heavy castle doctrines are Texas, Tenessee, Florida….etc.

      All of these states have Shoot First, Ask Questions Later laws also….pretty much along the same lines.

      If you live in somewhere very Nazi-Like, like New Jersey, California, Wisconsin, Maryland, New York,etc……..then you could be sued….since these states LITERALLY HELP CRIMINALS!!!!
      They make civilians more defenseless while making it EASIER for criminals to sue you!

      If you live in one of these states, id recommened moving FAST.
      Politicians and people who believe in these kinds of rights should be arrested and executed! Its trully un-american and treason.

      I’ll tell you right now, if I see someone on my property or near my house, they WILL be shot if they even have the slightest suspicious presence! Im not taking chances in a world filled with criminals.

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