Help with my dog's Invisible Fence?


My dog somehow found a way to get through her Invisible Fence by running as fast as she can through it, so she, I guess doesn’t feel the vibrate or shock? I don’t know how to stop her from doing it. What should I do?

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4 Responses to “Help with my dog's Invisible Fence?”

  1. Sexy Mama of 2 cuties says:

    Get a real fence up? i think invisible fences are cruel.

  2. Bonzie12 says:

    train her to respect the boundaries. you haven’t done all the training correctly. you need to start over again and get her use to the boundaries and the safe zone. you may also need to set the collar to a higher setting. my dog went through the fence also because one, I didn’t have the collar on tight enough, and 2 it wasn’t set high enough for him to feel the shock. get some help from the invisible fence people too, they are great for helping with the training.

  3. seashells says:

    Collars for the invisible fences come in various strengths for various size dogs. Maybe your dog needs a different collar. Or maybe he just knows how to outsmart the fence. Do check on the collar strength. I really hate the idea of shocking the dog but it is better than getting hit by a car, etc.
    I hope it works out. Also some dogs have very heavy coats and are protected from the shocks.

  4. Chula Lula says:

    get a real fence or up the ante.

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