Help! My dog is an escape artist?!!?


My dog has recently become an escape artist! She either jumps the 4 ft chain link fence or digs under. We have tried tying her, but she either breaks the chains/collars or slips out of them! I have tried 5 different collars & 3 different harnesses on her, but to no avail! I don’t have the facilities to keep her inside, and she has escaped 6/6 days this past week! It’s not really possible to build up a big fence or enclosure either since we’re living in a rented house.

She isn’t a big dog and I’m not sure how she’s breaking everything! (Pics of her: )
(in answer to a question…): She can’t stay in the house because my husband doesn’t like dogs + we are living w/his 2 brothers right now….who are no fan of pets πŸ™
Yes, she is fixed I adopted her from the local animal shelter. πŸ™‚
I am quite able to take care of her…she has a HUGE dog house and she goes to the country almost every afternoon to play at my mom’s horse farm w/4 other dogs. I have had dogs all my life…just none that were ever this intent on escaping πŸ™‚

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8 Responses to “Help! My dog is an escape artist?!!?”

  1. Marla says:

    If you cant put up a structural fence, an Invisible Fence is always a way to go. I believe you can take them with you if you no longer rented there. It a wire that the company lays down under the ground level. There is a power unit that it attaches to and plugs in. The dog wears a collar that gives a beep when they get near the perimiter. It takes training for them to understand. The company is great with helping train them and teaching you what you should do. We have an Invisible Fence for our 2 Saint Bernards. I knew a structural fence would never keep in my female. She’s quite a jumper. I love the Invisible Fence and my dogs, after the training period, have NEVER gone thru. And they’ve been tempted many, many times. You just have to make sure to trian them how the company advises. Good Luck.

    PS: My Saints are indoor dogs. We have the fence for them when they go out for potty and to play, they love to run around the yard.

  2. vbenjamin92 says:

    Why is it that you can’t keep her indoors? What do you mean facilities? If she uses the toilet what’s the problem. If you can’t properly take care of her hand her over to the professionals

  3. Rhonda C says:

    I would have to say getting a better kennel one with a top and the bottom, its going to cost a little bit more but if she continues to get out of the old one what choice do you have.

  4. swf36D says:

    She’s beautiful! She’s not exactly a small dog either. First of all is she fixed? If she’s not, she may be escaping to "look for love" if you know what I mean. If she is fixed, she is probably bored and that is why she escapes. How long do you leave her outside for? I’m not a strong believer of outside dogs. In fact when you adopt a dog from the shelter in my area, you have to sign an agreement that it will be an indoor dog. You say you don’t have the facilities to keep her inside. Do you mean you don’t keep her inside at all? If that’s the case, and I know you are going to be angry about this, you shouldn’t have gotten a dog. We have our dogs crate trained. When we are not home, they are in their crates. They enjoy their private time in "their house" and it keeps them from getting into trouble where they could get themselves hurt when we aren’t there to supervise. Good luck!

  5. babe-ck says:

    depending on how old she is, she can still be trained. i know it’s probably easier said then done. but when you get her after she has done something bad, tell her off and make her sit in one place, everytime she moves put her back where you want her sat, the only thing is you need alot of patience and alot of time. i sometimes sit with my dog for 2 hours when i train her. they get the idea in the end.

  6. Marin says:

    OMG she is wicked cute!!
    So, I have two escape artists, and one dummy. πŸ™‚
    The first time, we dug little mote-looking things along the edge of the fence and put big cinder blocks against the fence so they couldn’t dig. But our big problem now if that they can jump a nearly 8ft WOOD fence! If you have to leave her outside, maybe a large crate or covered fencing would work. Can you put a netting across the top of the fence? I know it sounds crazy, but trust me, my boyfriend and I had to go to the EXTREME with these psycho dogs I have! Good luck.

  7. β€’β™₯ÇøőmΓΈβ™₯β€’ says:

    You have to find a way to keep her contained or else she is going to be killed by a car or truck. Or she may get hurt somehow.

    Why can’t she stay in the house?

  8. CJ says:

    I had a dog like this once…he escaped from where ever I put him…until Ibought a pet deterrent …a fence wire that would shock her a little bit when she tried to escape. I bought it at the farm store.. its the one for dogs and keeping other animals from your yard. It only took one little shock and he never tried to escape again. This isnt going to hurt your pet, just give a little shock…very little…and it works This is not going to hurt her at all, just keep her from trying it again…I didnt even have to turn it on ever again…but I did leave the wire up…

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