Help – dog bit neighbors dog?


My dog is used to running free in our 6 house neighborhhod as everyone loves her – she is so friendly and gentle. New neighbors buy empty house and their little yappy dog comes up the street and starts barking at my dog – she leaves the yard and nipped it. A few weeks later the neighbor came up and said my dog was in their yard and swatted at their little dog – I went and bought pet fence and started training. While at work the other day – my dog was called down the street by kids – their dog was out and not in their yard either and my dog shredded it – ,000 vet bill. After 1st incident new neighbors tell everyone they hate us and are going to kill our dog – yet the kids call for my dog to leave the yard everyday. One time teh girl had her dog sitting on my property line calling my dog – trying to start trouble. Because of their kids taunting my dog and the fact that we were both wrong – neither dog leased or in our own property – should I pay the whole vet bill or half?

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  1. PawPrint says:

    You can go to court, but a judge is going to tell you that your dog is your responsibility. If they do any damage to another person’s property, you are liable. That is the law in most every county I know of.

    Finish your fence and keep your dog contained. Require of your neighbors the same thing. Contact the police if the kids make your dog leave your property without your permission. But until you fence it in, you have no true legal standing.

    As much as you do not like the other dog, it has as much right to roam as your dog does. And as you can see, it can be dangerous for either dog. If you do not settle this with your neighbor, they may demand your dog be killed by animal control. Whom do you think they would side with? Usually the owner of the tinier dog. I do fell sorry for both dogs in this case. And very sorry for the smaller dog that was mauled and clearly almost died 🙁

    I have big dogs and would never allow them to roam. I would not want something to happen to them or for them to hurt another dog/human. You just never know. Better safe than sorry.

  2. Pet Stop Of Charleston S.C. says:

    I am a Dealer for Pet Stop Pet Fence Systems and I am obviously a big fan of the electronic pet fence systems. This time I am going to have to say that even I would not have one for my dog in that area. If you are having problems with kids taunting your dogs and trying to get them to come off your property then you need a fence where they can not get to your dog. I had a similar problem at my own house. I have a Boxer and a Doberman and I had these kids who would come and throw rocks at my dogs and tease them trying to get my dogs to chase them. My dogs never left my property but for the safety of my dogs I put up a wood fence on both sides of the house so that the kids could not see the dogs from the road. The fence was only sticking out about 10′ off each side of the house but it blocked their view.

  3. Nedra E says:

    Your information is somewhat incomplete so it’s hard to know what to tell you, but I’ll do my best.

    You didn’t say if you live in the city or the country.
    I live in the country and most all the dogs run free.

    You stated their dog is a little yappy dog, but you didn’t say what kind of dog yours is.

    It doesn’t matter if she’s friendly to humans. You didn’t say what breed she was, and some breeds are dog aggressive.

    You didn’t say if you checked with the Humane Officer to see if there are leash laws in your community. If there are, once you found your dog didn’t get along with their dog, you should have put up a serious pen or a serious fence, and that does NOT include an invisible fence.

    You stated you bought a pet fence, but I have no idea what you are describing. A "pet fence" could be an invisible fence, or a chain link fence, or a hot-wired fence, or cattle panel, or any of a number of other types of fencing.

    If you have personally seen their child at your property line calling your dog, you should take a photo of it, because, if they sue you, it could make the difference between the judge making you pay a $6,000 vet bill or not paying it. You would need to prove their child is tempting your dog to leave your fenced yard. You have a he-said, she-said situation here and that’s really awkward in court.

    If you have a solid fence, and not the invisible fence, your dog should not be capable of leaving your property. If you have a solid fence, you can post it with signs to leave the dog alone.

    It’s a coin toss. You could offer to pay half if their dog was not on their own property either, but how do you know that is the case? How do you KNOW the kids called your dog down the street? Was it the antagonistic neighbor’s kids, or some friendly kids?

    You could also fence the back yard of your house, away from the street and keep your dog in the back yard. That way (hopefully) the kids would have to enter your property to call the dog to them.

    If you choose to ignore them because they are so antagonistic as neighbors, they will have to sue you. If they sue you, you’ll have to know and have proof that the dog was called by kids, and what kids called the dog. You’d need a witness who can state their dog was also out of it’s property.

    You have a neighbor problem, and you need to do whatever it takes to make sure your dog CANNOT get to their property without them coming and physically removing your dog from your yard.

    Get good information from impartial 3rd parties on what happened. Have them write it down, or tell you and let you write it down, and have them sign to indicate this is their statement from 1st hand knowledge of the incident.

    If you choose to pay half their vet bill, make sure you get copies that are YOURS to KEEP of the vet’s billing. You can write it off on taxes next year.

  4. bsassy says:

    I think that I would put up a good fence and put hot wire around it for the kids!! HA! Or you could just move. I think that if your dog was out and about, and not in your yard and they had there dog out and about and not in their yard or on a leash you are just responsible for half.

  5. Paul F says:

    I am not an attorney…In ,most states a dog gets one free bite before it is considered viscious. This trend is changing to no free bites. If your dog is considered viscious and then bites someone you can be held liable. If you have homeowners insurance this could be a good time to call your agent. Your neighbors bad acts are childish but won’t help your cause.

    A real fence that keeps your dog in ,kids out and reduces visual stimulation is probably the best answer.

    I’d check with local animal control on rules. Also I’d make other dog owner document claim and make claim in writing. you might be able to argue that you only owe for first medical care and value of dog times 50% responsibility.

  6. magy says:

    It is high time both of you became more responsible and properly contained your dogs. I think, if their dog was injured by your dog OFF your property, and both dogs were loose, you owe HALF the bill. Doesn’t matter if their kids called your dog out or not- you know the dogs don’t get along yet neither of you will just do the right thing and contain your dog.

    And why was your dog loose in the yard, free to roam while you were at work? Contain your dog, report them if you have a leash law in town and their dog is out.

  7. nadjadiamond says:

    You are a ridiculously irresponsible pet owner. And if you go to court the judge WILL make you pay the vet bill. It is YOUR fault that YOUR dog was out. You are the "functioning" brain in that relationship. Dogs will be dogs, YOU need to be a RESPONSIBLE pet owner and keep your dog in your home or in a FENCED yard. Dogs have heirachies, dominance squabbles, its what they do. It doesnt matter what little kids are calling your dog, or how nice your dog is to people, if another dog rubs it the wrong way you have a problem, so FENCE and TAKE CARE OF/WATCH OUT FOR/TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for your fricking pet.


  8. Valerie says:

    None. Pay none. Keep your dog in your yard, but pay them nothing.

    If your dog did not enter their property to do this damage, it is simply a dog fight. Winner seems to be your dog. Put up an invisible dog fence. Let your new neighbors suffer alone. Let them file against you in court if they want. Don’t bad talk them, ignore them. The girl that stood there coaxing your dog is copying what she thinks her parents are doing.

    Sit back and wait. Let your neighbors fight with other neighbors. IF the dog becomes any more of a pest, wait a year and one fine day take him for a ride. A long long one.

  9. cruentus23 says:

    If you’re going to care for a dog, you have to provide a dog with every necessity. A fenced in yard is one of them, if you don’t plan to keep your dog on a leash and supervised whenever she needs to go outside. There is never a reason why any pet should be able to roam free. They do not have the same sense of responsibility and reason that most humans do. Your pet attacked another pet outside of your property. You are technically responsible for the entire bill, even though your neighbor was irresponsible for allowing their dog to roam as well. Had it happened in your own property, it would be a different story.

  10. renodogmom says:

    You started this by letting your dog run loose. I don’t care how much your dog is liked by the kids in the neighborhood, you were irresponsible and at fault.

    However, if their dog was also running loose, offer to pay half the vet bill. Are there any witnesses to find out who approached who first?

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