Have you ever used a PetSafe Indoor Wireless Cat Fence?


The Indoor Wireless Cat Fence system includes the 5 level programmable Cat Safety Collar. Your cat then wears the same receiver that is used with Underground Cat Fence containment systems. Transmitter will plug into a electrical outlet and emit a radio signal. A light weight receiver is worn on your pet’s collar which picks up the radio signal and alerts your pet as it nears the boundary and transmits up to 20 feet.

Does it really work?

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3 Responses to “Have you ever used a PetSafe Indoor Wireless Cat Fence?”

  1. Anne says:

    I can’t imagine that that would work on a cat. Cats do not respond well to physical punishment. I certainly wouldn’t recommend shocking any animal and can’t see any reason why someone would want/need such a thing.

  2. PozzCat♥ says:

    Sorry to say I’ve never used one, but it sounds like it would work….is the fence’s purpose to keep the cat from escaping with a shock/signal/something or other?

  3. Sadie D says:

    yes they do work vary well too i recommend it to all cat owners with a vary Curious cat especially if you live close to a busy road

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