have you ever seen a dog get hit by a car?


i dont know why i have to figure this out but i feel i do.my basset hound was hit by a car and died monday.i didnt see it but i heard it the auto hit hard and loud .on the road she was hit on .down the side of it is a steep hill where someones drive way is is where i found my dog laying dead with very little blood comming from her mouth.after i heard the loud crash sound i heard her yelp about 6 times then nothing.would the impact of the car throw her down there.she was laying perfect on her side like she was sleeping.there was no visable damage to her body just a little blood from her mouth.just to let you know my dog was fenced in in the back yard we still dont know how she got out.this is hard for me to write this all i keep hearing is that auto hitting her and that yelping.
do you think the auto that hit her could have threw her down that drive way?

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24 Responses to “have you ever seen a dog get hit by a car?”

  1. owen says:

    our dog boofy died on monday morning he was spotted on the side of the road then a lady had taken him to the vet . it was very hard to tell my ten year old son they were best mates and they adored each other .he will be missed very much tristan often wanted him to sleep in his room they played and he gigled or he just cuddled him to sleep i hadnt let him for a while i wish i had . they grew up together and often played and wrestled they had a deep connection a great love for each other . i wish he could could stay with him for just one more night but he is gone and i cant bring him back . i lay with him instead to comfort him he cried to sleep . as a parent and a dog owner feel i have failed them both although he had dug under the fence . he was such a loverly dog he shouldnt have gone this way we loved him too much . now he is gone we love you bye boofy

  2. allison says:

    I am so sorry to hear about your loss….my pom was killed by a car yesterday. I went to the store and asked my daughter to put the dog out which she does all the time but he got away from her. She thought he would come back after a little while and when I got back about 15 minutes later I asked her to go out and get the dog. Unfortunately, she went out of the driveway and saw him laying in the middle of the street. She carried him to the patio and laid him down as she screamed and cried. This was the worst thing I have ever had to witness. She feels like it is her fault because she did not immediately go out and get him. It has been very difficult for all of us as he was a member of the family and he would go out and play with my kids all the time. We have two other poms but the loss has been devastating to us all. I feel your pain and I keep asking myself “what if” but nothing will help but time. I know it is wrong to replace with the same type and color pet but my daughter is so heartbroken and upset I don’t know what else to do. She is 10.

  3. Lacey C says:

    Hey, I am so sorry to hear about your dog. I have lost 2 dogs this way. Once as a child and once about 2 years ago. It is a very tragic thing to deal with, and I sympathize with you. It will get easier with time, and as with all losses, make sure that you allow yourself time to grieve.

  4. smeezled says:

    Yes, I have and the car kept on going leaving the dog to crawl from the road. When I got there he died in my arms. It was very pathetic.

  5. brittany0723 says:

    My black lab got hit by a car, I did not see it happen but I do know that there was no physical damage to him but he had blood coming out of his nose. Apparently the internal organs or brain are damage so there is no physical evidence of it. I know that it is hard, i had to go pick him up and take him back to my house…wasn’t very fun seeing him lifeless hoping he is going to wake up! hang in there! i hope this helped!

  6. Tanya D says:

    hey sorry to hear that. i have seen a dog get hit and its pretty quick. your girl probably never felt a thing and i think she yelped from an involuntary reaction. its hard to deal with. the dog that i seen was a wiener dog and he was exactly like that he just looked like he was sleeping. well i hope you figure things out and take care of your self

  7. mattrosie693 says:

    my heart goes out to you. i had a dog that was black lab/ sheperd mix. his name was jack. i live on 1 acre with no fence but jack knew the boundres and would stay on the property except when his girl freind, a collie that lived across the street was out in there yard. he would sneak over there to goof around with her. in order to do this he would have to cross a very busy street that led to an on ramp on a state hiway. he would not cross if i was home knowing that he was not suppose to. on 3 occasions he was laying on the porch waiting for me when i arrived home from work in need of a vet with a broken leg and 1 time with both hind legs broken. the vet bills were high and a person would think he would learn his lesson. not jack. i came home late from work one night and jack did not run up to meet me nor was he laying on the porch. i called for him for a while but no jack. i walked the property but did not find him. it was dark and stormy night and i thought perhaps he was across the street inside my neighbors home and i went to bed. in the morning still no jack. i went out looking for him and found him in the ditch, obviously hit by a car again, he was split wide open in a tangled mess. he was still alive but was in too bad of shape to help this time. i had to put him down and used my rifle which was one of the hardest things i have ever done. i have not had a dog since then and that was 6 years ago. i had many before jack but he was by far the best.
    friends have told me and offered me others but to this day i have not been able to.
    my hope is your pain will ease. matt

  8. onyxpryzm says:

    i have no doubt the auto could have thrown her that far,my dog who weighs 55lbs got out of her kennel and was missing for three days,my daughter and her boyfriend "found" her about 6 miles away she darted across the road and they ended up hitting her with their van and throwing her several yards down the road,thankfully she was alright and even though she was bruised had lots of road rash and was very very sore she sustained no bad injuries,but the van threw her a considerable distance and they weren’t speeding at all

  9. cgmel says:

    I have actually hit a dog with a car once – it just ran out in front of me. It is probably one of the most horrible sounds and feelings that I have ever had. Unfortunately when a small animal (unless it was a large dog it qualifies as a small animal) is hit by a car so much of the damage is internal. After many years in a veterinary hospital I cannot even begin to count the number of dogs which passed due to this. It is very possible that your dog crawled either to the edge of the hill, or down the hill as most animals try to hide when they are injured. This is a defense mechanism from long before we domesticated them.
    Sometimes providing a burial for your pet helps to ease the pain as you can plant flowers on the grave and visit regularly.
    Each story I hear like this saddens me to the core, and I am truly sorry for your loss. I hope you are able to find peace. Maybe someday, after the pain has lessened, you will be able to open your heart to another special pet.

  10. Sol says:

    You have my sympathy for the loss of your dog. I know what it’s like to lose a beloved pet.

    If there was a steep hill, she probably did roll down further than the impact itself threw her, but unfortunately, even though there wasn’t much damage to her outside, it hit some organs (probably including her lungs) hard enough to kill her.

    I’m SO sorry, girl.

  11. bladedogsrule says:

    I’ve heard dogs die before and it’s a sound that will haunt me forever. :'( I’m so sorry about your baby. I haven’t ever seen a dog get hit by a car although I was in the car once when my dad hit a moose. It’s was terrifying. The impact is so sudden. You didn’t notice any damage so it was probably all organ damage. Sometimes you’ll see broken bones or road rash if the dog were dragged but she was probably flung and therefore wasn’t dragged. I refuse to go into further detail but I’ve seen lots of dogs after the incident so I know what it looks like. Again so very sorry.
    Run free…..

    Edit: You know that we will see our lost loves again right? I have no doubt in my heart that this is true, praise God.

  12. mysteryousmtz says:

    Yes I’ve seen my husbands mothers dogs get hit one after another. At first I thought that it was one of his brothers because it was one of the loudest sounds that I had ever heard. I got up from where I was and there I saw 3 dogs laying on the side of the road it was nasty so I just ran back inside and I told the kids to go inside. Until now when I think about I can see the dogs laying on the street and thankfully I wasn’t attached to those dogs because I would had broken down. I hope that you feel better God Bless and Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year.

  13. Horsefanatic922 says:

    yes unfortunatley for my job i see it all the time! but it doesnt seem possible that she was thrown that far with no physical damage! so i would say unfortunately she probably got up and move herself to the side to have a peaceful death! I’m so sorry for ur lose! dont blame ur self! and im sorry to say that sound u keep hearing my never go away! i saw my cat get hit and i can still hear it from time to time! hope this helps!

  14. Ivory_Flame says:

    This is really bothering you…you have been posting many questions on this issue and to rest your heart I think you should except the fact the dog is gone and you have lost your pet and that should be it. You are not going to get an answer that is 100% gauranteed on the events. I lost a puppy and got so wrapped up in it I did all this research on a bunch of what if’s. Did it make the loss of my puppy any better…NO Did it prepare me for another yes. It hurts like hell and there is guilt but there is nothing you can do about it now. You gave her a great home. Back away from the comp. and go outside for a walk to lighten your head. Yes she could of been tossed there and had fatal internal injuries. She went quick and was most likely for the best so be greatful for that. Please get some peace over this. Your in my prayers..its the holidays so spend it w/family and friends.

  15. yodeladyhoo says:

    I understand your pain. I once saw a stray cat get hit by a car. Same situation. I ended up gently lifting the cat out of the street and placing it in a bag, then into a trash bin. Your dog died of internal injuries. Lots of bleeding inside. Unfortunately, it sounds like she wasn’t killed instantly and was in some pain in the end.

    It’s okay to feel what you are feeling. You are in shock and grief. Reach out to your family and friends who are sympathetic and understanding that you have just lost a beloved family member.


  16. J. Charles says:

    My Fathers First k-9 was hit by a car!
    Real Upsetting and very Disturbing!!(I saw it!!)

  17. Enlighten says:

    Yeah, Ive seen that. Also a deer getting hit by a semi once.

    It is very possible that she flew down to where she was laying . It is also possible that she hobbled to that spot as well, and just couldn’t go any further. I feel for you in your time of loss. I know how it feels to lose a pet that way. Hang in there. She is in a better place now anyway.
    Take care.

  18. raney1979 says:

    Thats so sad! I am sorry. I love dogs! I hit a dog one time and I cried for awhile! I felt so bad. Im sorry and take care!

  19. Cuddly Lez says:

    I saw a dog get hit by a car but she was just injured. I saw the car slowly move to pull away and the dog ran out in front and the car struck the dog at only 10 MPH. but there was some fur flown off the odg and the dog layed on the pavement. It didn’t die it was just injured.

  20. Truthseeker says:

    I experienced the same thing you did but never actually saw it happen. There was blood coming out of his nose. I’m very sorry for you.

  21. dukalink6000 says:

    I have and the sound of it was truly horrendous

  22. strawberrydaiquiri says:

    yes, i have seen it. they hurt really bad, and usually dont make it.

  23. Luke says:

    Thank the Lord i havn’t seen that before.

  24. myyorkies says:

    yes mine ran acroos the road while i was playing in the yard….i was devistated….mine looked the same…no visable damage just blood comming from her mouth…the truckran over her and she lifted her head when i called her and thats what got hit…i felf so guilty…if i wouln’t of yelled at her it would of went over her with no damage…but she looked up and that was it….i’m sorry for your loss and know how you feel….i have 8 yorkies now and a big time dog lover….you’ll have the memory…but the pain will go away…i wish you luck and happy holidays

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