Havahart® Wireless Dog Fences | The Science Behind Video


Havahart® Wireless shakes the dog fencing industry with groundbreaking technology capable of outperforming any wireless fence system by far —with the Radial-Shape Wireless Dog Fence which can expand up to a 400 foot radius and the Custom-Shape Wireless Dog Fence which can go up to 500 feet in any direction. Havahart Wireless electric dog fence systems are set apart from the rest with their patented time-of-flight ranging technology between the chipset in the base and the chipset in the dog collar. After examining the groundbreaking technology that has gone into these systems, it is clear that Havahart® Wireless has developed the most advanced and reliable dog fences in the industry. You can learn more about the Havahart® Wireless Radial-Shape & Custom-Shape Wireless Dog Fences at www.HavahartWireless.com

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