Has anyone used this wireless electric dog fence?


I am thinking about purchasing a wireless electric dog fence for my dog from Havahart-Wireless because I hear it works very well. (www.havahartwireless.com)

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2 Responses to “Has anyone used this wireless electric dog fence?”

  1. Joe says:

    They work very well one of my neighbors purchased one many years ago and at first the dog didn’t understand why it was being shocked but after a week it understood and would not cross it and now it has it normal collar and doesn’t run out in the street

  2. seajoe says:

    The havaheart fence seemed like a better option then the more expensive route of having a company come and bury wire around the yard. I liked that this option had a central station with a 40 to 400 feet radius for the invisible fence zone. The central station has an easy to follow screen that allows for radius customization.

    A family member has this and we tried it out on our dog when visiting and liked it enough to order it. It did not take long to train our dog (black lab) but I would strongly suggest watching the included video for tips. You need to spend the time getting your dog used to the invisible fence for it to work properly. The time and effort will be worth it. We got it so we can allow our dog out in the front yard with us without having to worry about distractions. Other dogs being walked by or the wildlife in the woods across from us used to be too much of a temptation and we are hoping this invisible fence will do the trick. The collar for the Havahart Wireless Dog Fence is a little flimsy for the price and I wish they would offer a sturdier collar but it works so I shouldn’t complain. I do wonder about the longevity of the collar device This invisible fence states it can be used on dogs 6 months and older who weight at least 8 lbs. There are 5 levels in the "correction" settings. This system contains one collar and can handle up to two collars total. Choosing this type of deterrent was hard for me and I appreciated the safety concerns that are addressed. The safety feature of the collar activates after 30 seconds and shuts down. My wife says we paid over 300 dollars for out system.

    As a casual user (while visiting) this invisible fence has provided much needed boundaries for our dog in a neighborhood that does not allow for physical fences. One more point put it and keep it on the highest setting all the time. Good luck with your dog Crystal…………………………

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