Great Dane Jumping To see over fence


This is my parents Great Dane jumping to see over the 6ft fence.

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12 Responses to “Great Dane Jumping To see over fence”

  1. meowzer3 says:

    i love it! all u c is a head poppin up and back down! 🙂

  2. baileyyoung13 says:

    @ooJDMoo She is a Fawn

  3. cairnsguy22 says:

    haha yea ours is a bit bigger than normal, we think part of it is the genes as well as the simple fact that he basically spends all day every day running back and forth in the backyard, which can’t hurt his growth any. What’s a bit more peculiar is the fact that he’s a black, and to date the biggest black I’ve ever seen. Ah well, I guess they bigger they are they gentler they are lol.

  4. IRONSEAN7 says:

    6’9 ,, wow,, my girl is a lil over 6

  5. highinthesky231 says:

    hahahaha fatass cant see over fence

  6. ooJDMoo says:

    is she a harliquin or a merle?

  7. cairnsguy22 says:

    My Dane doesn’t jump, he runs up and leans his paws against the 6ft fence and looks over…. but he’s also 6’9″ on his hind legs lmao

  8. kiraahodge says:

    bounce bounce! its hilarious!

  9. timblackbooks says:


  10. victorialicious7 says:

    woah! haha.

  11. ziggypop75 says:

    wow that dude jumped pretty high as well

  12. FreddyOgSigrid says:


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