GoPro HD: Dog POV Parkour Backflip


My dog Emmerson wears my GoPro HD camera while he swims and jumps on a fence post. WHile jumping on the fence post he FAILS big time and flips off. It is a cool video that has a dogs point of view POV, and it is in HIgh Definition. Enjoy…Kyle Maltz

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3 Responses to “GoPro HD: Dog POV Parkour Backflip”

  1. mardu125 says:

    To put the camera on your dog is epic!

  2. Traxxasman94 says:

    What kind of mount did you use for your dog?

  3. thekiwicanuck says:

    So friggin cool, I wish I had a dog now!
    I’m impressed at the video quality too, did you edit it afterwards, besides the obvious slo-mos etc?

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