German Shepherd pups fight around fence


Diesel and Chief Cog are back again for episode II. This time they are fighting around fence and are now 10.5 weeks old..

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22 Responses to “German Shepherd pups fight around fence”

  1. mlvnsin says:

    LOL “Wanna make a movie of me?”… “Nah”

  2. Arcanineluvr says:

    beatiful German Shepherds pups you got there how big are they now

  3. jairus1230 says:

    i wonder how they are big right now.

  4. fatehvir1 says:


  5. triggermiki says:

    keep the videos comin’! go go go gsd lols

  6. theblackdahlia88 says:

    itll be great to see another video, i bet they’re lil rascals now!
    i’ve never known a german shepherd who wasn’t active at this age!
    well they’re adorable! great job!

  7. bent8munro says:

    they will be 19 months old tomorrow… they live apart now, as they were gettin a bit dangerous competing with each other, but they see each other still every now and then, and are very well behaved.. will have to get some more videos up some time!

  8. theblackdahlia88 says:

    that is soo adorable!
    just working the fence for 1 minute 49 seconds
    how old are they now?

  9. bent8munro says:

    hey. yes they are the same pups… the femaale was just being held for a little while before she went off to be someone elses family pet. we have two boys left, chief and diesel, however they live at different addresses now as two teenage males are quite a handfull.

  10. sagelfn says:


  11. t0m0369 says:

    i think they are playing tag

  12. siberiantiger0 says:

    were these the same dogs that were fighting for food in the other video? if so, where is the female one?

  13. yarovlas says:

    cho chweeeeet.. they remind me of my dogs..

  14. jayharley1 says:

    Hey do you still make vids?

  15. bent8munro says:

    they were 13 weeks old here. from what i’ve seen they were on the big side for their age, but its hard to tell. all i can say is they keep growing!

  16. ktinmanila says:

    how old are they here?

  17. narutoawsomekyuubi says:

    i love german shepherds

  18. ducky2shoes says:

    I love this clip, they’re gorgeous

  19. nyss22 says:

    youve got some very cute dogs!

  20. 17REEPA1717171717 says:

    that other dogs a pussy

  21. bent8munro says:

    Ah the third one was a girl. One of 8 girls in the litter of 10. We only had her for an extra week until the new owners picked her up. We’ve only got the boys now but know where all the sisters are still.

  22. rippx says:

    Fun stuff, what happend to your third pup?

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