Funniest Video Ever Electric Fence Shock


Chad grabs a metal post then grabs Brit, Brit grabs me, and I grab Kenny, then Kenny grabs the electric fence, hilarious, the shock is hesitant for a second, then it hits.

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25 Responses to “Funniest Video Ever Electric Fence Shock”

  1. Sanghoma says:


  2. wammybar4ever says:

    he was like awww shiiit

  3. llamalover02 says:

    @frozenhiphop09 “RAUULLGGHHH!!!” xD

  4. royalconcrete1 says:

    I walked right into my electric fence around my watermelon patch and It shocked the living crap outa me. I love my fence!!! No critters have gotten my watermelons this year!

  5. frozenhiphop09 says:

    Keep clicking 0:12, ROFLCOPTER!!!

  6. engelsky says:

    You Dont Own Electric Fence… Electric Fence owns You ;O

  7. jonty811 says:


  8. Bamtheman0123 says:

    funny they all run away

  9. SteveHunterUK says:

    brilliant haha

  10. sunsetsrgood says:

    One I can understand but to talk the other three into being stupid… It is truly the great white north American male in action.

  11. runner301 says:

    What’s really funny is that is the 9th time they did it.

  12. ushibaba83 says:

    Hooo SHiT!!!!!!!!

  13. 11krvince says:

    haha the guy in the navy is my brother lol what a retard

  14. coijoi says:

    hahahahaha so funny “

  15. termagant6 says:

    haha this made me laugh so hard =)

  16. o56kid says:


  17. maddogmudslinger says:

    lolz yall got bored an desides it was great ider after drinkin few beers lmaos

  18. amd17xp says:

    Can watch it over and over….

  19. DammitDrag says:

    LMAO, Probably the funniest video on you tube !

  20. Mozzofull says:

    Really is adult Funny Madness!!!!!!!!

  21. Cowboylover4life says:

    Ha wow

  22. slasherkinq says:

    wuooooaaah XDDD
    nice video haha laughed so much :’D

  23. killerswedishfish says:

    hahaa funny laugh

  24. shiteetah says:

    Fun stuff!

  25. AdrenalineTheory says:

    Actually, thats not true.

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