friend's neighbor's dog killed friend's dog?


My friend just got a 4 pound puppy, and just the other day their neighbor’s big dog charged their fence(no leash) and started chewing on their puppy. When they found the puppy she was lying on the front porch panting, she died later that day. I told my friend that she could sue her neighbors since the neighbors weren’t watching their dog. Am I right? If I am then how can she make it happen?

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11 Responses to “friend's neighbor's dog killed friend's dog?”

  1. Cara B says:

    Contact Animal Control for accurate advice. The police cannot help, it is a civil not a criminal matter.

  2. plynn_03 says:

    She needs to call the police ASAP.

  3. llsnwtsn says:

    your friend should’ve contacted animal control when the incident happened. i’m pretty sure the friend could take it to small claims court but thats usually more trouble than its worth. irresponsible pet owners should be held accountable for the devastation their negligence results in.

  4. Acacia G says:

    ur friend should be able to file a police report for killing her puppy. it was the owners responsibilities to keep that dog under control. see if she is able to have pictures done of her puppy. also if she takes it in for the examination on the puppy make sure she gets the vet bills and if it does go to court she will have the vet bills and not only that but also the pictures that should be good proof of wat their dog did to her dog. she should be able to sue the dog owners for killing her dog

    well hopefully everything goes good for ur friend.

  5. naughtyangel_hottie says:

    YES SHE CAN! and she should… unfortunately she should have called the cops immediately after finding the dog and filed a report along with take pictures of BOTH DOGS.. She needs to inform her neighbor they need to keep that dog on a leash at all times (in MOST counties its the law) What you and your friend need to remember is that its the Owners fault not the dogs! Contact you local humane society and tell them what happened and explain the dog is not kept on a leash therefore it is neglected.
    All she can really sue for is what she paid for the dog and she needs to have proof of that. contact a lawyer, but honestly without evidence (aka police report and pics) they wont take the case. Good luck. i hope your friend keeps an eye better on her next pup and hope the neighbor gets some common sense!

  6. firestarter says:

    Suing should be the last resort. She does have to live with these neighbors. She should talk to them after she has cooled her anger. Anger though justified, accomplishes nothing and is very destructive. She needs to know what kind of compensation she would consider fair. Most states don’t consider pain and suffering of the owner or punitive damages. If talking doesn’t work, she can file a suit in small claims court. Pictures, vet bills, witnesses or affidavits are necessary or it will be her word against theirs. Look in your phone book for the number of your county court house and ask where to file for small claims court. If she wins, the neighbor will have to pay for court costs also. I am so sorry that everyone had to experience such a sad scenario. As far as to what happens to their dog depends on your state.Call your local animal control for information. Good luck and tell her things will get better.


    Yes it is every dog owners duty to watch there own dog. That is really tragic. Your friond would need proof in the form of pictures of the deceased dog with the chew marks. the best way to do it is to take it to small claims court.

    Tell your friend good luck..

  8. crystalyn129 says:

    Contact Animal Control in your area or call the police. An investagor will take the case and see if the dog is vicious. If he is, they can sign the dog over to animal control or the owners will be fined and will probably have to put their dog down

  9. empresspekes says:

    That depends on the laws in that particular area. It is different from state to state, city to city, and county to county. Call your local law enforcement department and relate your story and ask what can be done.

  10. valoreekayep says:

    she needs to file a police report asap. take pictures of the puppy if they still can and take it to a vet to examine it’s injuries. if the puppy was in it’s own yard and not running about they have a case. the only thing is they will probably have the neighbors dog put down. the bad pet owners are almost never punished, we punish the animals not the owners. it’s sad.

  11. racha says:

    In same states, cities and counties it is possible to file a claim. However, most times all that can be recovered is the cost of vet bills and maybe even the price payed for the puppy. Rarely ever do pet owners get charged with fines for not watching there animal.

    But I have to wonder if this is even a case at all. It may be neglect on both parties. One for the neighbors dog charging and killing another animal. But also the owner of the puppy in question for not being supervised as well.

    You had mentioned that they found the puppy on the porch. Why were they not monitoring the dog. And depending on the dogs breed at 4 pounds, and especially being a puppy, it shouldn’t have been left alone at all.

    If your friend does decide to file a claim these are going to be questions that will either make or break there case.

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