Freetress Coconut Girl:Half Wig (The Sweet One)


This is Freetress Coconut girl in a #2! I am on the fence on this one, I think I will play with it more. Its called the “Sweet One” becuase my daughter said thats what I should call the video! I originally saw this on GhannaGoddess05 here on youtube and tried it out.

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25 Responses to “Freetress Coconut Girl:Half Wig (The Sweet One)”

  1. BLAKPEARL69 says:

    the bumps look good too. i will have to try that. thanks.

  2. trashagal says:

    lmao ur talking about sexual chocolate lmao……i like the hair…i would wear it as a half wig too.

  3. vmcherry says:

    I’m sitting here at work watching and I have to say all of your video has been a lot of help. I cut my hair and mess it up real bad so this help !!!!

  4. norikominixcns says:

    Do you need a trusted wife

  5. nyssap says:

    Lol! Girl you a trip!

  6. sexymamafitclub says:

    great idea, thanks, v/s headband

  7. 238pyt says:

    Oh I wish I had a daughter .She is adorable!!!

  8. MenacingAngel says:

    aww she is so adorable….and the wig is hot girl!!! Love it

  9. BadCuteNSexy2 says:

    your daughter is too cute!! she looks like raven simone!! and i just love your videos, you definately inspire me to try different looks!!

  10. yoruhime88 says:

    this wig is so cute!

  11. Catherineluv24 says:

    hello lovely can please do a video on how u take care of ur when where these half wig caps nd’ lovely hair plus beautiful daughter

  12. GiselleAN1 says:

    wow luv it!!

  13. HEARNLADY says:


  14. NaturalDyva says:

    She is so beautiful! Awwww….

  15. sasolunga says:

    omg … I was thinking about the same guy ! 🙂

  16. Shalonosodope says:

    She is Beautiful

  17. kbenge89 says:

    Can anyone recommend a brand of wig/extensions that looks natural? I’m having to have a shunt implanted into my skull and my doctors are going to have to shave half or a portion of my head to be able to do it. If they shave a portion of my hair, I’d rather go with extensions, but they’d have to be clip-in. :/ If they end up shaving half of my head, I don’t know what I’ll do. This freakin’ sucks! :[

  18. Calidiva77 says:

    @bevagyei Glad I could help!

  19. bevagyei says:

    Girrrrrrrrllll the hair bumps in th front is such a smart idea! i didnt think of that. this whole time i was trying to cover it up w/ a headband & i was getting TIRED of it. good lookin out. btw cute kids 🙂

  20. Calidiva77 says:

    @chrissy0129 5 years old

  21. 1whittany says:

    shes so cute.

  22. ShareeMonique says:

    Awww your kids are too adorable!! I thought the hair looked cute but im more into longer styles..But it was still cute.

  23. gabygza84 says:

    it looks good on u!

  24. chrissy0129 says:

    how old your daughter

  25. sexymajusty says:

    i love that hair on you omg it look so good and you make it look so easy … and you daughter is so pretty …

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