fencing large dogs?


My neighbor has horses and large bloodhounds (8) . They are fenced with 8 in squares wire fence. This is sufficient to keep their large animals in but it does not keep other small animals out. Two family pets (one was my own) have been killed by these bloodhounds in the last six months. Both pets were small 10 pound house dogs that just got through their wire wanting to play. They are in a subdivision but I guess not under the same subdivision clauses because their home has been there longer. Shouldn’t their fence holes be small enough to keep other animals out if they insist on having these animals? I realize my dog should have stayed in my own yard, I am carrying extreme guilt for letting her get too close to the fence, but don’t owners of dangerous dogs have some responsibility. They are not even pets, Just money makers for them.

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5 Responses to “fencing large dogs?”

  1. dog_kpr says:

    you have to start by controlling your own dogs, they were the ones that were the tresspassers, the big dogs were instinctive in protecting their own domain

  2. stvegas says:

    no they it is not necessary for your neighbors to worry about small animals getting into their yard. They are doing their part by keeping the big dogs in. Nothing you can do about it.

  3. ρ L α τ y ρ ὗ ς ♫ ρ α Γ τ y says:

    try talking to them about it. or offer to install the smaller fence for them if they dont want to. or, if they refuse, you can put a smaller fence on your side of the fence, so your animals would have to get through the smaller fence in order to even try to get through the larger one.

  4. animal expert says:

    i agree with you . if they insist on having those dogs then they should keep them where nothing can get near them a.k.a small animals.

    sorry to hear about your dog 🙁

  5. Bill C says:

    Sorry, your wrong! As long as they confine their animals to their property they have broken no law. You on the other hand by allowing your animals to trespass on their property have broken the law. If you want to keep small dogs put up your own fence.

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