Fences for Dogs – How to choose the best fence design to keep your dog safe


dog wood fenceWhen it’s time to select a new fence for your home, do you know how to choose the best fences for dogs? It all depends upon a variety of issues, including your home’s style and the size of your dog. Always check with your homeowners association to see if they have any restrictions.

Do you know what to look for?

You may become overwhelmed with all of the different styles to choose from. However, your decision will come down to choosing between form (i.e., stylistic considerations,) and function (i.e., what purpose will the fence serve.) Luckily there are many options that will meet both of these requirements.

The reasons for installing a fence can range from security concerns to pet containment to landscape design. Many times your fence will provide all three. Some popular wood fence designs are post and rail fences, picket style fencing, and privacy fences.

Post and rail fences are pretty simple. They consist of two boards which run horizontally between the posts. The rails are usually made of wood or logs, and the posts are made of wood, stone, or brick. They are open and airy, and contain a minimal amount of building material. On the downside, they are not good at keeping animals such as small dogs in the yard, or wild animals out. They are good at keeping livestock contained.

dog picket fencePicket Fences are another great option for fences for dogs. They are basically a post and rail fence with pickets, or boards, installed vertically along the boards, running parallel to the posts. There are many different variations of the picket fence including the Gothic picket fence, French Gothic, Modified French Gothic, Flat top picket fence, Corner fencing, Baluster Style fencing, Ornate Baluster Fences, and Baluster Fences with a top rail. An advantage of the picket fence style of fencing is that it is good at keeping your pets in the yard and provides an attractive backdrop for landscaping. A drawback is that they are not very tall, so larger animals could still jump over and get out of their yard.

Privacy fences go a step beyond the picket fences in that they are much taller. They can be just basic or have ornate tops, such as scalloped top privacy fence or a stock aide top. In addition to keeping your neighbor from peeking over the fence to keeping your pets and children safely inside, tall wood fences also provide visual barriers and provide a perfect framework to create your backyard getaway.

Some other fencing options are lattice fencing, where the lattice work can be either diagonal or square. These can be built between posts by themselves, or used as a decorative top on a privacy fence. For a more rustic look try zigzag fencing. It’s usually about as tall as a picket fence, and able to keep smaller pets safe in their yard.

When considering fences for dogs, these are some great examples of permanent above ground options. If you’re looking for a less obtrusive option then you may want to consider an invisible pet fence.

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