FENCEBOX™ Rollaway Fence System – Crowd Control


USR (www.usrgrab.com) FENCEBOX™ rollaway fence system is the innovative solution for your secure temporary fencing needs. This portable fence system is ideal for crowd control, parking barriers and privacy fencing at major sporting events, trade fairs, museums and universities. The portable fence system is a metal box containing 164 feet of Rombo, high-tensile steel wire mesh, which can be quickly rolled out and attached to an anchor point. The system is flexible, allowing its users to create as much, or as little, of a fenced perimeter as they desire. Sight screens and advertising banners can also easily be hung from the FENCEBOX™ system, creating a mobile privacy or advertising solution. FENCEBOX™ Benefits Include • Portable storage in its own 14-square-foot box • Installation requires only two people • All installation tools included • Flexible, yet strong fencing which complicates climbing • Can be permanently or temporarily erected • Easy setup and breakdown

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