fence size for my dogs?


i know this is long, but bare with me:)

i’m wanting to build a dog run for each of my dogs, separatelyy, so that when i feed them, they will get their own share of food and so that when i go out of town for a few days, i can leave the food in there for them and know that each of them got to eat their own and they didn’t starve or anything. i have people check on them when i leave town, but i usually just put their own food out. they will mostly be in their own dog run when i’m out of town and every night, i have a big pasture i always put them in during the day. there’s 6 dogs and they are all red and blue heelers. what is the ideal size that the run should be, to give them enough space?

also, i have a chihuahua puppy and a poodle puppy. they are outside during the day when it’s nice out. what size of pen should they have?

i know about these dog breeds, i’m just not sure what size of fence to use because i’ve never had to fence my dogs in. please, no retarded answers or people just on here to be mean. i would like for experienced people to answer my questions and if you have a website i could look at, that would be great! thanks!
i live in colorado

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  1. little dragon account # 2 says:

    what state do you live in? my neighbor moved and asked me to sell her dogs kennel.

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