Face plant


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    25 Responses to “Face plant”

    1. nathan9477 says:

      lol for a beginer niec jok

    2. noobkamal says:

      LOL good one

    3. MoshinGerNade says:

      the beginning gave me cancer
      but the end cured it

    4. MrsFunnyify says:

      Omg! Hilarious
      Watch my videos!

    5. kellyisvlogging says:

      why do you have so many views for this?

    6. zaboodable says:

      @TheGunnerson Don’t you mean “all grammar professors”?

    7. tovarisawesome says:

      @TheGunnerson shut up i couldn’t spell right cuz it was so bad that it made my hands numb!

    8. eduardo13698 says:

      hahaha legal,ai galera se increvam no meu canal

    9. XDPeruMan says:

      Haha simple and unexpected =) funny

    10. sbeara00 says:


    11. frestylezz says:

      @TheGunnerson oh snap xD

    12. TheGunnerson says:

      @tovarisawesome And you are a disgrace to all grammar professor’s in the world.

    13. Bananafishe says:

      so retarted yet so funny

    14. cupcakethegreat says:


    15. LlamasInYourCloset says:

      yur a potato.

    16. tovarisawesome says:

      that SUCKED!!!!!!!!!!! booooooo never make a pivot animation agen your a discrase to all pivot animaters around the world!

    17. hehohoi says:

      droog -.-

    18. dontdareforget123 says:


    19. JessicaBookMark says:

      Luvvvvvv this

    20. berriezbitch says:


    21. KajouKing says:


    22. Tomek4890 says:


    23. animATEer says:

      i am eating a cat

    24. GAGTVSHOW says:


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