Estimation on Invisible Fence brand fence?


Our yard is 100 x 200ft. My family and I are wonder what the cost of an Invisible Fence brand fence would be. The website only gives information on how to get a consultation and my family would rather have an estimated price before we have it set up to be installed.

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4 Responses to “Estimation on Invisible Fence brand fence?”

  1. Barefoottrimmer says:

    I have a much larger yard but I think my fence was between $2500 and $2800. The real cost is in the wall unit/monitor and the collars. The wiring for the fence line is really cheap and the labor is not that much either.

    That said, consider what type of dogs you have. My neighbors had an IF and they had Labs. I have a German Shepherd that can jump over five feet from a sit. Also, a Golden Retriever that can climb graded or "no climb" fence like a ladder. I have double wired fence around my yard and then I put the IF in as well. All of it was a total waste of money. About $6,000 and I still can’t keep my dogs in the yard without extraneous measures. I can never leave my dogs alone without them getting out. They just jump the fence or run through it and it is set pretty high. They will just scrunch up their neck and go for it. On either side of the fence, the danger zone is very small and the dogs learned quickly that they could push the collar out of the way or get a mild sting and go on their way. For me it was very unsuccessful and most of the people I know had the same experience. Some dogs can even dig long enough to get under a wooden fence with the IF in place. I do know a couple of people that had success. They had very small dogs and did not even have other types of fencing. I put the fence in for the safety of my dogs, but it is useless. As long as I am with my dogs, they are fine, but a few minutes unsupervised and my GS wants to go exploring. If I go into another part of my property, separated from the yard but fenced as well, they will jump or runthrough to come to me. They don’t seem to mind the unpleasantness. It did not work at all for my dogs and it is not cheap. I did hours and hours of training (they just tell you what to do, they don’t work with you, you have to do all the training by yourself). You have to get new batteries every 3 months at $20 each (I had 5 dogs) and if you have a problem and need the strength adjusted, a service charge is $90 just to get them to come out. As with a lot of services, they are nice and eager to please until after you pay and your warranty period is expired. At that point, money talks or they cannot be bothered with you. Overall, a very expensive proposition for a system that is a complete failure for us. Hope this gives you a bit of info that is useful. Good luck with your dogs.

  2. Gabbie LOVES raw meat! says:

    Real fences are cheaper, and they work. I’ve seen so many invisible fences fail and they cost a LOT more.

  3. marci knows best says:

    Invisible fences don’t work. They don’t keep dangerous predators or stray dogs, or mean little kids out and they only sometimes keep the dog in. Don’t waste your money.

  4. stayputdoggy says:

    Most companies will do a free cost estimate for you.
    The Invisible fence brand is made by Radio System Corporation, as are several other very good brands. An Invisible Fence dealer can only install that brand, there are other brands out there that are less expensive. The cost of the installation can vary depending on geographical area as well as your yards specific needs. This is far cheaper that traditional fencing, at least I have never seen a cheaper traditional fence that will keep in a dog.
    These fences work great – with training – did I mention Training! The most important part to it is teaching your dog what you expect out oh him/her in your yard.
    I have installed many many fences for many many dogs and their people. No dog can jump over this fence, or climb under, while wearing the collar properly. The radio frequency simply reaches to far up out and over – even on a low setting for that to occur. No dog can be electrocuted with the static stimulation given at the boundary. (what you see on the internet if you google that, is the result of an ignorant owner who kept the collar on too long or too tight – in essence a bed sore).
    This is a safe and effective option for keeping your dog in your yard. Other animals/people will still be able to get into your yard. I would never put one in for an aggressive dog.
    Best of luck!

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