Electric, or regular old fashioned fence.. for dogs?


Which one should I invest in? An electric, underground, or "invisible" fence for dogs, or the regular old fashioned chain-link, or whatever fence for my dogs?

I just got a new chocolate lab puppy, and he is responding very well to my commands, except COME! I live pretty close to a bust road, and I don’t want him to get hurt, or worse…

I have tried everything to get him to come, he just wont!
Which one of these should I invest in? Personally I’m leaning towards the regular old fence.

Are the prices going to differ greatly?
Thanks guys!!

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7 Responses to “Electric, or regular old fashioned fence.. for dogs?”

  1. NXile says:

    Definitely a regular fence. Chain link would allow the dog to see what’s going on out there.

    Dogs are too wonderful to be subjected to shock-treatment as a training method. You are leaning in the right direction.

    BTW You may not care, but the Hebrew word for "Dog" is "Kelev" (Keh-lev) and it literally means "All Heart".

  2. rmbrruffian says:

    I am not completely convinced that invisible fences are all they are cracked up to be. I worked with a veterinarian whose hunting dog would break out of the fence even on it’s highest setting, chase whatever it was that caused him to bolt, then come back and sit outside the property just out of zapping range.
    I would rather have a good solid fence.

    As to training your puppy to come, you need to work with him on a 30 foot training lead. Not one of those retractable pieces of crap. Enlist help from the rest of the family. The dog needs to obey everyone in the family, so that if they tell him to ‘come’ he does it without hesitation.
    All the family members need to stand in a large circle in the yard. Having treats also helps a lot. Each person should have several treats. The first person holding the lead will toss the end to the person across from them. When they have a good grasp on the lead, they tell puppy to ‘come’. Make happy sounds, calling puppy’s name. Make it a positive experience for puppy to come to you.
    If puppy doesn’t respond immediately, gently reel him in telling him to come. When he gets there, give a treat. Toss the lead to the next person and do the same. Make this a positive experience. If anyone gets frustrated, it’s time to quit. But quit on a positive note for the puppy. This is paramount. Puppy will remember bad experiences more than good ones. That’s why it’s important to end on a good note.
    Limit the training sessions to no more than 10 minutes. You can increase as he gets older, and as he gets better drop the treats. Don’t drop them all at once, but drop treats every other time for a week or so. Then drop them to every third or fourth time. Once puppy is coming on command, you can drop the treats.

  3. Cassie says:

    I strongly don’t suggest you use the invisible fence, because all of my neighbors who have had the invisible fence, have had they’re dogs easily break through it, and 2 of them were labs, but I would suggest the regular fence.

  4. Great Dane says:

    All you really need is a regular fence but nothing more to get your dog to come call its name lure it
    with a treat and say come and then give the treat do this multiple times until you trust he can eventually do this command.

  5. Linda H says:

    Not sure of the price difference between the two fences. We opted for the old fashioned privacy fence which was approx $3k to fence in a large yard. We have 3 dogs that stay outside 75% of the time.

    One draw back to an electric fence is that other dogs can get in. I don’t know what kind of neighborhood you live in but they are making much more aesthetically pleasing chain link fences. I’ve also seen a mix of privacy fence facing the street and chain link on the other three sides.

    Hope this helps.

  6. MasterGardner says:

    Esthetically, the invisible fence is more pleasing to the eye and will be much less work in the long run. Chain link fencing tends to attract leaves, weeds, and sometimes drunk drivers. Check to see what would happen if your electricity went off? Ours is interrupted occasionally for several hours at a time. If your invisible fence would be affected, go with the chain link version.

  7. ms manners says:

    I have a regular fence.

    I tried the invisible fence at one point, but my dogs completely ignored it….just walked right through it.

    Since you are by a busy road, I would not take the chance.

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