Electric fencing and dogs?


is it possible to use low shock fence for dogs? its probably too high but thought id ask.
our dogs will dig, jump, anything to get out of the garden were just exploring other options of fencing, ta
cool ta, i was thinking more of horse tape fencing, my dogs are suprisingly bright and it would only take once for them to never go near it again (leave the tape, loose the electric), but if its not safe i wont do it, they mean everything to me hence im trying to find a good method of fancing.
ps our garden is about half acre and backed by bushes and a cops

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5 Responses to “Electric fencing and dogs?”

  1. Coley says:

    I have a hotwire running on the top of my outdoor dog run. My Cavy’s were climbing that thing like crazy. None would dig just climb! My ruby will literally jump and scale a 5ft fence with no problem and walk along the top like a cat. I felt terrible but went out and purchased an electric fencer. I went to a farm supply store and got a low voltage one that was approved for dogs. It took twice for my 2 climbers. Then they resorted to digging. SO…I buried chicken wire around the perimeter of the fence and gave them a sandbox with dog toys in it to dig in. My hotwire is never on anymore. They no longer challenge it or try. FYI, they have a 1 acre fenced yard but they are NOSEY. If a vehical comes in they cannot see who it is thru the wood fence so they would hop it to greet people. The cats and pigs drive them crazy if they get to close to the yard so they will zoom out their dog door jump the fence to chase them back to the barn. lol. They are also walked everyday and get free time to run and play in the entire farmyard with me. But I needed a safe enclosure for them to access via dog door for times we are not home etc. This works perfectly.

  2. !!! says:

    I would just use a wood fence. A electric fence can hurt dogs.

  3. Goldielocks says:

    Hi, An electric fence is the best way to go.
    I have 2 dogs that would dig and get out. My husband put a shocker on the fence. It’s been 6 months and they haven’t got out at all.
    They don’t even try. Believe me, if they get shocked, they are not going to keep trying.

    Good Luck!!

  4. ☯ Eyes of a Warrior- APBT☯ says:

    I would rather a fence..made of wood or chain link

    To me shock fences are nothing but expensive crap and lots of pain for the dog, and there not a %100 guarantee, The dog could learn how to escape by taking the shock and getting through the fence, once that happens, the fence is useless.

  5. ms manners says:

    If you are talking about hotwire, rather than invisible fencing, yes.

    I have used hotwire along the top of my fence for years – first to keep the horses from leaning on it, and then to keep my doggy escape artists from jumping out (or along the bottom for diggers).

    Dogs seem to be more sensible than horses – I have never had a dog touch it more than twice.
    Then you can usually turn it off, and they will still stay away from the fence.

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