Electric Dog Fence: Does It Work In The Snow?


Cause I reeeallly need to know. My dog needs exersize, shes getting so fat lol
I can;’t walk my dog, she is crazy and really big. Jeez my dad can’t even walk my sog without struggling??? helllp

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5 Responses to “Electric Dog Fence: Does It Work In The Snow?”

  1. arcadiaruralsupplies.com.au says:

    Not sure if you’re referring to the buried wire electric fence, but if you’re referring to a normal above ground electric fence, yes it will work in the snow. I agree with the other posts about watching the calorie intake, but if you can’t make time to exercise the dog, then electric fencing is a very quick and inexpensive option. You don’t need a lot of power in them – dogs are very respectful of them and if you zap them too much, you may find they don’t want to come out to play for quite a while, which is the opposite of what you’re trying to achieve.

    A couple of pointers for the snow. Remember your earth rod needs to be sunk at least 900mm into the ground (not a few mm into the snow.) And use orange hot tape – white can’t be seen well by the dog or people against the snow.

    Hope that helps.


  2. brendan says:

    don’t get something like that … it could harm your dog. Take you dog out for walks every night.

  3. Eno says:

    Take your dog out for lots of walks and reduce the amount of food you give her. cut out all treats and table scraps.

  4. Bonzie12 says:

    Yes it works in all kind of weather as long as the underground wire does not get cut.

  5. Ellen says:

    Usually they don’t work (meaning to make sure your dog is safe in your yard) in snow, rain, moonlight or sunshine.

    There are all kinds of serious problems with them — please build a real fence or take your dog out on leash.

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