Electric Dog Fence


Me being an idiot!! lol

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    5 Responses to “Electric Dog Fence”

    1. 4409supporter says:

      Bet thats not the first time he told you to get on your hands and knees is it?

    2. TiffyHefley says:

      wow joebiden ur such a freakin loser i cant belive u actualy put a shock collar on n had da guts 2 go across da line i wuld of chickened out n did it hurt tht bad?

      -Love ya Tiffani LeeAnn Hefley

    3. xXxBritt3rzxXx says:

      Lmao soo funny…but I can see you doing it……..how’d it feel?

    4. cenaandrunescape says:

      Who’s talkin?

    5. sarbear9297 says:

      Wow and iam related to that weirdo?? Lol jk love ya

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